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This Won’t End End Well: Obama Giveth X and Taketh Away 7.6 Percent More

M.Hillinger__aka__QR Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 10:11 AM
"So 3.6 percent wage decrease plus 4 percent less savings…carry the two, divide the whole number…is… 7.6 percent less for you!" No it's not. Just because I didn't save it doesn't mean I didn't receive it. If I get I 10 dollars but see a 3.6 % (36 cent) decrease, I now get $9.64. Whether I choose to save 4% less of it (about 39 cents) or not has nothing to do with how much I originally received--it is still 3.6% less--not 7.6%. I won't even get into the silliness that adding 3.6% of one number (wages) and 4% of another (disposable income) to come up with 7.6% Of course, you are the "finance" guy, perhaps a class in basic arithmetic?
True Conservative! Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 11:07 AM
Missed the point ... AGAIN ... QR! Withdrawing from savings to sustain or pay for commitments previously made that previously were paid out of current income IS a reduction as those savings can never be withdrawn again!

Unemployment at six week low! Manufacturing hits one-and-a-half year high! Dollar trades at six-month-high! North Sea oil offered at three-month low! Oil rises to two month high! Treasury bond yield hits one-month low on fears over Italy! Sun rises fastest in last 23 hours and 50…ah…err…um…ahem….

OK; scratch that last one because unlike the other new highs or lows trumpeted by the press in our real-life examples, the LAST one is just SILLY.

The others are silly too, but they are more than just silly; they are deceptive. And they mean to be deceptive too.

Let’s look...