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Top Concerns of Small Business? It's the Government, Stupid!

M.13 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 7:00 PM
Obama doesn't care about business big or small. All he cares about is pushing his leftist agenda of big government. He also does not see us as individuals. All he cares about is his agenda of turning America to the left and making sure that america and Americans are not too proud of ourselves or our country. If he takes us to poverty and destroys our freedoms well then we can't be proud anymore can we.

Memo to the President:  In case just for a moment you really do wonder why businesses are not expanding, why their anxiety level is high, why the sense of uncertainty continues 43 months after the economic recovery supposedly began…just look in the mirror.  Not just for another opportunity for self-adoration, but for the root cause of our economic stagnation.

According to results of a newly released Gallup poll, the top five concerns of small business owners are healthcare costs, taxes, energy prices, regulation, and the debt ceiling – all that have increased significantly under the Obama administration.  Worse,...