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We should have stayed out of the Russian affair. It has nothing to do with us and no american should have to die or be maimed defending any country especially in that part of the world. Let's mind our own business and fix America...we have problems of our own as we sink lower and farther away from our Founding Fathers' vision.
Mr. McCain, we are NOT the world's police and we are not conscripted to send our soldiers to every rotten corner of the world to bring order to the chaos. We have enough to do to get our country back from the socialists running it and to vote into office BETTER people who will FOLLOW THE know that old parchment that our Founding Fathers wrote and hoped that we would follow?
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Get Ready to Bailout the Postal Service

M.13 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 9:25 PM
Privatize the Post Office. It's as simple as that. The model would be FedEx. This company works like a charm. Why? Because it's owned by private people and they have a reason for wanting it to work well - profits! get rid of the government post office.
Some people are more equal than others..,and some people like to take down successful's a sport. The fact that Paula is a successful person who has brought joy to many is a sin in some people's eyes. After all why should she have so much and others so little. It is the envy of the able for being able or the envy of the good for being so good as Ayn Rand once stated. The lesser mortals of the world will always try to kill the few who have ambition and accomplishment in this world. And the Sharptons of the world - what good has he accomplished or produced? Anyone, please tell me.
The most corrupt and dishonest administration in my lifetime for sure! Nixon was a babe in the woods compared to the Obama administration and his minions.
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'Proportional' Response

M.13 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 10:49 AM
Why would we want to do that? Because Obama has no interest in defending our interests and he certainly will not use a full blown response to wipe North Korea's capability for war off the face of the earth. So we are left in a quagmire with a small hooligan vs a big hooligan. Who will step back first? If we had a strong pro-American President we would know the answer to that question.
Obama doesn't care about business big or small. All he cares about is pushing his leftist agenda of big government. He also does not see us as individuals. All he cares about is his agenda of turning America to the left and making sure that america and Americans are not too proud of ourselves or our country. If he takes us to poverty and destroys our freedoms well then we can't be proud anymore can we.
Mathews is beyond a bizarre and strange man. He needs to show more respect for other people's opinion especially those who do not think like him. The left is losing the credibility and Obama will finish the left for good.
you gotta be kidding! He has the nerve to run again? Do these politicians have any shame at all? It doesn't seem like. Goes to show what kind of person is attracted to politics today.
I agree. I was forced to join the Teamsters union back in the 70's and I saw, young as I was, how corrupt and dishonest they were. They never did a lick of work at Panam and sat all day at their desks with their feet up and on the telephone. Remember that great airline? It's all returned to dust...destroyed by the Teamster Union.
Those who voted for Obama the second time around will now drag the rest who DID NOT vote for this man, into the abyss of mindless big government for sure now. Once this process of the almighty powerful central government is in place - there is only subjugation or revolution.
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