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Could it be that Mexico is doing this on purpose to unload unwanted people! We need a secure border take what it takes but we need one and soon.
Benghazi is NOT a diversion or subterfuge. Americans want JUSTICE! Mrs. Pelosi. And you are NOT telling the truth and in fact want the truth hidden. We on the other hand want the truth about Benghazi and the role Clinton played in the horrible deaths of Americans while lies were being concocted to protect the guilty. And I agree with hstumpf below. Pelosi go home - time to retire gracefully.
No more Bushes. They are not Conservatives. They are not anything...they stand for nothing except the family business. They should all go home and play checkers and let someone honest who loves America run for office against the leftists. Anyway what is the difference between the liberals and the republicans? Not much.
We should have stayed out of the Russian affair. It has nothing to do with us and no american should have to die or be maimed defending any country especially in that part of the world. Let's mind our own business and fix America...we have problems of our own as we sink lower and farther away from our Founding Fathers' vision.
Mr. McCain, we are NOT the world's police and we are not conscripted to send our soldiers to every rotten corner of the world to bring order to the chaos. We have enough to do to get our country back from the socialists running it and to vote into office BETTER people who will FOLLOW THE know that old parchment that our Founding Fathers wrote and hoped that we would follow?
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Get Ready to Bailout the Postal Service

M.13 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 9:25 PM
Privatize the Post Office. It's as simple as that. The model would be FedEx. This company works like a charm. Why? Because it's owned by private people and they have a reason for wanting it to work well - profits! get rid of the government post office.
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