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"Honolulu, where he was born", eh? Yeah, right.
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Female Support for Obamacare Plummets

Lynne99 Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 8:04 AM
And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.--Matthew 1:21 Happy Birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas, everyone! May you find the hope, peace, and eternal security that only Jesus Christ can bring!
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Most Jews Wish You a Merry Christmas

Lynne99 Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 8:00 PM
I agree with your political assessments, Mr. Prager. However, my prayer is that you will recognize that Jesus Christ is the Messiah that your people have sought for the last several millenia. He is the One who can and will save His people (ALL those who put their trust in Him) from their sins. Jesus Christ fulfilled all the prophecies of the Old Testament, not the least of which is found in Isaiah 53. I truly respect you, Mr. Prager; and my prayer remains the same: trust Christ!
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Our True Savior is Born

Lynne99 Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 5:39 AM
Great article, but you left out the best part! Jesus was born to DIE--for our sins. He humbled Himself, became a servant, was willing to suffer the humiliating death of the cross because He loves us so much and doesn't want us to suffer forever for our sins. He was buried and rose again, conquering sin and death for us. THAT is what makes Him the believers' Savior--not just from the tyrannies of this life, but from eternal punishment as well..
Have you ever seen a white actor play the role of a black slave in a movie set in the 1850s? I didn't think so.
Well-written, well-documented article. So "true." I'd give you an A+.
Your points are well-taken. But fortunately, God knows and sees the past, present, and future, and His judgment is permanent. He WILL apply justice appropriately.
Good point! Besides, with the current shredding of our Constitution, it's doubtful we'll have elections in 2016 anyway.
Their precious little darlings are dead, and they STILL haven't learned that crime does not pay in good ways. How stupid can they be! These are the ones who vote nowadays--multiple times.
Excellent film!
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