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the vp of touchy-feely is also quite gifted at plagiarism...too many Americans have forgotten about that.
Why? 'Because your answer makes too much sense. The kenyan-in-residence is one of THEM and will NEVER lift a fingernail to strike back at them.
Start reading from verse 18 (rather than 22) to find out WHY the USA is headed down the path you've correctly pointed out.
The trouble is: Too many of those rioters and looters are not even from Ferguson.
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Christian School’s ROTC Under Attack

Lynne99 Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 9:41 PM
All the while that obama and his regime are gutting our military, they are also building up "civilian forces" to control the DOMESTIC masses when some large-scale crisis happens.
Hmmm...my last (above) note was in response to mt5 in MA.
Good point! But "genetically speaking" Trayvon could still be black. After all, obama is "partly" white himself. Even in his "blackness" he is the descendent of slave traders, not slaves.
But the stupid American voter is still stupid. He's going to continue on in his stupidity and drag the "thinkers" down with him. Just as in the fruitless attempt at decomposing the "logic" of an atheist (who constantly derides the God he does not even believe in), you cannot possibly decompose the willful blindness (stupidity) of the stupid American voter. Forest Gump's mom was right: Stupid is as Stupid does. And so Amerika continues down the path to destruction (or God's judgment for becoming a moral cesspool--but that's a much larger issue).
Spot-on as usual, Charles.
obama can "move forward" by returning to the golf course on his OWN dime. REAL leaders have a chance to institute real "change we can believe in" in January.
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