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No image of an attractive woman in the whole bunch. Go figure.
Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books. Profile and then stop and frisk 100% of pedestrians. The godfather has no control and no clothes either. Just another feckless Chicago politician. Our colleges and universities are awash in First Amendment violations. Political correctness run amuck.
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RIP Louis Zamperini

LYNN263 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:12 AM
Read the book. It was truly awe-inspiring. Hatred and bitterness are like drinking poison and expecting those you hate to die. RIP Louis Z.
You could add Hillary in that statement as well.
Any attack on Obama will force more voters to the left in 2016 because of their ignorance and apathy.
Former POTUS, Jimmuh Cahter actually jumped up, clicked his heels on hearing that he no longer occupied the "Worst" president spot in the latest poll. He and Roselyn were seen out dancing the other night. Kinda rusty being Baptist and all. WHOO HOO!
Three cheers for SCOTUS: Hip,hip, Hooray.......
I hope that McDaniel will get the legal help he needs and that honest folks will come to his aid by blowing the whistle on this Chicago style politics in MS.
A happy Independence Day to one and all. Be safe out there.
The Washington Redskins could keep their team name if they would only change their logo and mascot to that of a red-skinned new potato.
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