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Most Christians of all colors recognize "just war" when they see it.
with the multi-million person solidarity march today in Paris, methinks that radical islam may have awakened a sleeping giant.
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When Miss America Was a Jewess

LYNN263 Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 10:29 AM
Rest in the Bosom of Abraham.
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The Ring Makes All the Difference

LYNN263 Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 10:20 AM
After 46 years of marriage, I would not change a thing except for my wife's recent diagnosis of breast cancer. I'm being there for her right now. I am blessed to have her and we're moving forward one day at a time.
If these radical muslims wish to be martyrs, then why don't they just self martyr? same eternal destination either way.
I really wish I could draw or illustrate. I would offend them all.
They understand that.
The USA and its allies prosecuted WWII in two theaters of war in three years and eight months plus or minus. The method we used then was total destruction. Including civilian populations. Our response to radical islam should be the same. No less will do.
Unless or until cartoonists and satirists around the world flood the world with their work, we will suffer attacks by fanatical crazies from ISLAM the undisputed world champion of religious backed violence. ISLAM is anything but a religion of peace.
Here in Georgia we have large concentrations of folks from NY, NJ and other states in the Northeast. After talking with some of them, taxes including property taxes and real estate prices are driving retirees and others out. Their dollars go much further here. Need any more hints?
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