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Army? Highway system? Air traffic controllers? Clean water? Safe food ( Ever read The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis?), The GI Bill?
People also didn't want Social Security and Medicare but love it now. They recognize that the price paid as you work is worth the assurance of of economic security and health care when you are old.
Actually, a quick google shows that the Kansas Secretary of State did say that Obama was promoting "anti-white ethnic cleaning". And the other three repercussions have been stated in the last few days. Heard Tom Coburn say today he thinks there will be rioting. Hmmm.. I live in senior community in South Carolina and it's pretty quiet right now :-)
And they found who did it, but instead went to war with Iraq. And declared victory in 2003 Then they did go into Afghanistan. Then Bush decided he "didn't spend much time thinking about bin Laden. And 5,000 Americans died and who knows how many innocent Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians. Then Obama said during his campaign that if he found where bin Laden was, he'd get him. Which he did . But yeah, Bush sounded touch on 9/11 and all of the American people were behind him. But that united patriotism seemed to fade when Obama was elected twice.
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Bye-Bye Burger King: High Taxes to Blame

LynnTTT Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:34 AM
I'm not an economist and really know nothing about the difference in tax rates among countries. But, I did find out that the corporate tax rate has been 35% since 1986. The Republicans have the House and only Congress can change tax policy. Why not put together a bill/proposal that would address the problem. Obama can do Executive Action, but it is the job of the Congress to change the tax code. Although so many US based companies actually pay virtually no taxes that I suspect no politician really wants this change
When your party is seriously mentioning Perry, you know you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. He spoke in Des Moines a day or so ago and when he came off the stage, an organizer thanked him. Perry said and this is an exact quote "Thank you. I'm awesome" Seriously......
Families move around the country all the time and schools adjust. A total of 4,700 kids in the entire state of Texas, which has 5,000,000 school age students as of the last census should not be a problem. Do the math; I think it's 1/10th of 1% right?
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Women Ordered to Stop Praying Inside Mall

LynnTTT Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 9:36 PM
why not give the name of the mall so they can tell their side of the story?
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