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I'm an atheist and give very generously too many charities. But now not to religious ones.
Only Jesus? Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists don't give to others? Mormons give only to their own church, which only gives freely to other Mormons, Catholics and Evangelicals build really nice churches. Jewish Americans are the most generous givers to charities that provide basic services to others of any falth. Look it up.
Fine with me. Do you want to help people or are you interested in turning them to your religion? Are you all incapable of offering help with the promise you won't proselytize? If now, you really don't care about helping others. It's all about you.
Women graduation from college make less than a man when taking the exact same job. When women pay for their own health care plan with their employer, said employer can decline to provide contraceptives, a legal prescription given a woman by her doctor. Total opposition to family planning, to include abortion. Even for rape, incest, etc. You gotta keep that baby from that stranger who raped you in a back alley. Childbearing rearing is not "sacred" . It is not a "revered state associated with holiness. If the GOP believes it to be sacred, maybe they could pass a bill that mandates paid maternity leave. The USA is the only industrialized country without paid parental leave. So you all love children in theory, but not in practice. That goes along with your hatred of food stamps, supplemental milk for babies, Head Start, mandatory kindergarten and pre-K, etc. Love 'em only until their born, then it's all on Mom.
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Ben Carson Guardian of the Old Republic

LynnTTT Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 6:57 PM
Dr. Carson seems confused about "dependence on government " means. He has said that people should not depend on government help, but also has said that his family received food stamps for years. As he said, " By the time I was in 9th grade, the only help we received was food stamps". He also talked about how happy he was when a government program provided him wiwth free eyeglasses. Somehow his "poor" was more noble than the "poor" now.
It doesn't matter how rich a politician is. The Kennedys were rich and so were the Roosevelts. But both families had strong Democratic presidents, who worked tirelessly for the poor and middle class and supported social programs to help all Americans. OK, Teddy R was technically a Republican, but at that time the party names were the opposite of their politics now. Think Abe Lincoln. He was founder of the Progressive Party, broke railroad monopolies, expanded the National Park system, worked for pure food and drug laws, etc.
This is not a victory for right to lifers. It simply means you can't suspend free speech on public sidewalks. And is people get too close and start yelling or touchiong, then it will be harassment and people will be charges. And clinic that you enter from a private parking entrance are fine. By the way, do you think anyone has ever been deterred by someone shoving a brochure at them when they've already made an appointment>?
It may surprise you all, but most Democrats thought this was silly also.
I don't think you'll find too many parents who object to a full day free kindergarten. Many are paying $ 10,000 for combination pre-K and day care now. And the teachers and school systems will be able to handle the ages of the kids. I went to kindergarten in Minnesota in 1952 and was surprised later to discover that many school systems did not include kindergarten.
Yeah for us. Course, SC ranks near or at the bottom of virtually every measure of educational achievement, but who cares. Just last week, the principal of our local high school in Beaufort county decided that even though some students had not passed the mandatory "exit exam" in order to graduate, those students would still be allowed to walk across the stage just like they actually graduated. Won't get a diploma or Certificates, but walking across the stage is all that matters, right?
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