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First the right says that no doctors are accepting the ACA Then you say that no one is really signed up and doubt the 8.1 million of sign ups. And very few are people who had no insurance previously. Now you are complaining that so many people signed up that doctors are over booked and doctors are rushing through exams?
Maybe a second hand "I heard" isn't the best reason to go on a rant. Maybe find out if out's true first
Ryan: Tell us one single tax deduction that should be eliminated? You simply cannot, year after year, present a budget that requires unknown tax reform as a condition and then refuse to even give one deduction as an example.
Repeal Obamacare and try the Medicare "premium support/voucher "system again. No one bought it before and no one will again. Let's see the CBO report
The coverage started on January 1. He paid his premium for that coverage in November. The right has been screaming that enrollees don't count unless there is proof of payment. I believe this will be straightened out, but the fact is that he had no coverage when he had the heart attack.
You pretty much just made the case that the law can be changed as needed. and since the ACA was passed by both the House and Senate, it is clearly legal
Question: How many of these people who previously had NO INSURANCE, access these hospitals? They didn't. If they were lucky, they got coverage through a local program and ended up at their local medical facility, which may have been below average at best. So you all are complaining that these people who had minimal or no health insurance before may not currently be able to access every facility in the country. Right now the ACA is very new. As time goes by I believe it will improve and expand. Rome wasn't built in a day, etc.
It looks like he signed up for coverage effective January 1 and had a heart attack on December 31. Effective dates aren't really too hard to understand. The surgery followed the attack It's not like the heart attack could be "uninsured" but the surgery is insured. It's all one occurrence.
Sorry, but the Rosamilia's story still doesn't make sense. "low cost.high co-pay procedures"> Without more details, this can't be proven or unproven? And Boonstra did say she didn't know if she could keep her doctor and that she didn't know if she could afford a new plan. She did keep her doctor and her new plan costs only $2 more than before
Not quite so fast. The poll says 56% want to keep Obamacare as is or make changes. Of those disappointed in Obama, almost 25% are Democrats. We are disappointed that he hasn't been as progressive/left as we would like. And substantial majorities want immigration reform, approve of gay marriage etc.
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