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LIVE COVERAGE: RNC 2012 Wednesday Speeches

lydia45 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 11:21 PM
The POTUS did not raid Medicare. The $716 billion are actually savings over the next 10 years that are not paid by the federal government to private plans that are well beyond the actual cost of providing benefits. The $716 billion was never raided nor cut, it was saved. i.e. If a $20 shirt is on sale of 20% off, I pay $18 for the shirt. I save $2. The $2 stays in my wallet, it hasn't gone anywhere. I have not spent the money. The cost of the shirt has been cut by 20%, but not the quality of the shirt is the same. The seller takes the lost; not the buyer.

Round two of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa kicks off at 7:00 pm ET tonight.  Big names: McCain, Huckabee, Martinez, Rice and Paul Ryan.  As I discussed earlier, all of the other speakers are fairly distant undercards; the most scrutinized event of the evening will be Rep. Ryan's acceptance speech, by far.  Though polls show that his favorability is relatively stable, he's also the least known member of either ticket.  Tonight is a gargantuan opportunity for Ryan and his message of fiscal discipline, but it's also a significant test.  Will he pass it?  Live streaming video is...