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Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused

lvillegas Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 3:49 PM
The ads are not amusing.They are downright condescending and sexist. It makes the women appear infantile and unable even to pay for contraceptions..Sexist in the sense that makes contraception the responsibility of women alone.Why are there no ads for men clamoring for free condoms and vasectomies?

Soon will come the finger-pointing.

Liberals will gnash their teeth, pull their hair and recriminate.

Yes; true, this is normal behavior on the part of liberals. But this time the behavior will be uproarious and hilarious.

Because this time, the folks who brought us Occupy Wall Street won’t be in a drum circle, but in a circular firing squad facing their comrades, their righteous fingers loaded and looking for blame.

“Oh, Chicago!” they’ll say. “Bang, bang.”  

Sure, there will be the typical liberal shots at the “racists” on the right who denied Obama a second term.


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