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New Poll: Majority of Americans Want Illegal Immigrants to Head Back to Home Countries

lvega Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 3:48 PM
unauthorized immigrants have a significant presence in industries intensive in the use of lowskilled labor. In 2008, they represented 25 percent of farm workers, 19 percent of building and maintenance staff, 17 percent of construction labor, 12 percent of employees in food preparation and serving, 10 percent of production labor, and 5 percent of the total civilian labor force.4 The US economy could no doubt survive the departure of these workers, but it would cause disruptions in labor-intensive industries and the regions in which they are concentrated.

A new poll released by the Center for Immigration Studies shows the majority of likely voters simply want illegal immigrants to head back to their home countries.

A new poll using neutral language — and avoiding the false choice of conditional legalization vs. mass
— finds that most Americans want illegal immigrants to return to their home counties,
rather than be given legal status. The findings also show a very large gap in intensity, with those who want
illegal immigrants to head home feeling much stronger about that option than those who would...