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Where are the Red Wave of States ?

lutherlutheran Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 2:41 AM
The elephant, lion, zebra, and yes, even the dung beatle must work in order to survive. Only the parisite can live off the host without much effort. But the parisite kills the host, eventually. So it is with the human condition. Every human MUST work to survive....just like every other animal in the animal kindom. Break that rule and you go against God's creation. In this last election, minorities voted against Romney because he was white. It was the minority and his hate of the white man that got obama re-elected. But in the end, the immutable law of nature will prevail. YOU MUST WORK TO SURVIVE. Living as a parasite off the host will never last long.

To put it mildly, many in the GOP were not pleased with the outcome of last night’s elections. This represents a national repudiation of reality: we have tossed out the doctor because we don’t like his prognosis. The spending addict does not want an intervention; he wants more spending, no matter what.

The Democrats banked on their 2008 coalition, and won big, bigger than big. This wasn’t just a narrow survival by a weak incumbent president, it was a nationwide wave, a sweep at every level, from the president down to ballot initiatives like redefining marriage and legalizing marijuana. You...