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United We Stand!!! Will President Obama Truly Bring the Nation Together? Part 1

lutherlutheran Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 10:36 AM
Harry, you're beating a dead horse. The country we have known is lost. I will NEVER stand united with democrats and their social policies! There is only one way and that is to let the situation play out until it gets so bad the only solution is a good old fasioned killin' war. You or I will not likely see it happen in our lifetime but you can speed things along by encouraging people vote democrat. This would give them absolute power. When that happens, the policies needed to destroy America will be sped up. Let's not prolong the coming pain but rather speed it up by voting democrat.

This election cycle has been one of the most interesting in modern history. Most observers agree that the nation was split down the middle on their opinions of the character and vision of the candidates. Without assigning blame, I would like to ask the question: How is it that a campaign of Hope and Change has resulted in such division?

The answer is as simple as the question is puzzling. Our primary division stems from two things: justice concerns among minorities (Blacks, Hispanic, and Asian) and a very liberal agenda concerning personal liberty, energy strategy, and foreign policy. These are questions,...