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D.C. Cannot Save America. Hollywood Can.

lutherlutheran Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:18 AM
Tabitha. This country is only a republic on its face. What behind that face is better called Government by Journalism. It takes a profoundly stupid electorate for it to succeed and so it is in America. Hollywood well realizes the power it has to effect social change and as a whole does whatever it can to promote liberal policies. No doubt this is a well intended effort to affect social change to what they think is the proper course for society. What hubris! In reality, the social change wrought by Hollywood is destructive because they neglect one important aspect of man - human nature, a human nature which has developed for tens of million of years. And now Hollywood thinks it can affect lasting social changes? Won't happen in the long run.
pow1000 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 6:24 PM
You're right, but the public is too dumb to realize whats happening. They believe all the cr ap radical leftwing Hollywood puts out there for them. The dumbing down of America is almost done.

The war that the Republican Party lost last night was much more than a political war. It wasn’t simply lack of turn out, lack of money or a bad campaign. What was lost was a culture war.

In 2004, John Kerry won the 18-29 youth vote over George Bush by 9 points, with a 54 to 45 split. On Tuesday, Barack Obama won that same demographic by 23 percent, with Barack Obama taking 60 percent to Romney’s 36 percent. Not only that, but they’re voting in larger numbers. This represents a larger problem for the GOP and ultimately the country:...