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San Bernardino Could Make Three California Cities to File Bankruptcy; Unions are Culprit

luther99 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 5:58 AM
A good example of Spending more than you take in !!!! For all of you Obama lovers continue the road to Socialist/Marxist and high taxes---business moved out of California and left the Democrats with what they created !!!
kbright Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 11:34 AM
Obama and Romney stand for the same things. Have you not watched the collection of news clips: 'Romney Obama the Same?'
UN Agenda 21 - takes away our right to own property, takes away any property we might already own and gives it to the 'community'. Takes away the cars we own, and we cannot own our own business. Agenda 21 decides what type of education our children get, etc.
Both Obama and Romney support it.
Alabama is the first state to ban Agenda 21!

When you see headlines like this: San Bernardino, California, Weighs Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, you know 100% without a doubt the city is bankrupt, and the only question pertains to the filing.

From the Bloomberg headline story ....

San Bernardino may become the third California city in two weeks to file for municipal bankruptcy protection, as it struggles with declining tax revenue, growing employee costs and ill-timed public-works projects.

The City Council is to consider authorizing the city attorney to file a Chapter 9 petition at a meeting late today, said Gwendolyn Waters, a spokeswoman. A decision was possible tonight, though unlikely,...
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