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Dodd and Frank May be History, But History Won't be Kind

luther99 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 6:03 AM
America better WAKE-UP and remove these Socialist/Marxist from our Government and put a "Businessman" in our White House...The time is running out for America as we knew it !!!!

Chris Dodd is gone to pasture and Barney Frank is about to follow. The legacy of their signature reform legislation called Dodd-Frank however is still alive- and it could kill again.    

Getting past the rhetoric on the left and the right is always hard even three years after the legisaltion was passed. That’s why it’s pretty startling when liberal economists and conservative politicians agree that whatever the other consequences of so-called Dodd-Frank banking reform legislation, it’s failed in its main purpose.

Of all the reasons put forward by proponents of banking reform, the one that made the most sense was...

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