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I expect this sort of ignorance and arrogance from the left, and I can ignore it; however, too often these elitist meddlers-in-the-lives-of-others acquire real power over our lives. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the EPA, IRS, NSA, and, of course, the DOJ under this president have and are fundamentally transforming how we may be allowed to live.
The only thing that liberals have gotten right in a very long time: elections do have consequences.
You're a fool, and we are tired of suffering fools. F*ck off!
Just another outrage piled onto the mountain of lawlessness that defines this administration. Nothing will come of this, just as with all the others, and Americans are beyond cynicism. There is a sea change in our faith in the government and the rule of law.
Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is now serving a ten year stretch in the federal pen for corruption. I heard that on ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN and MSNBC... no, wait, I meant to say that it was only on FOX.
Actually I couldn't do it. I'd vote Republican because although they are too often wrong, we only really get two choices and Democrats are beyond evil.
For people who claim that this is hyperbole just revisit the footage from after Katrina where the police went door to door confiscating legally-owned firearms. A grandmother, like the one Scottie alluded to, was manhandled, battered and arrested when she refused to surrender her .38 revolver. This can happen again.
If the Republicans take the Senate in November and reverse that filth Reid's hyper-partisan ending of the filibuster rule, I will stop voting Republican even if it means HillBilly will become president!
Doug, excellent piece! However, there is one part of one of the nine suggestions that you got completely wrong: " before you destroy your city, bear in mind your taxes will probably spike..." I feel pretty confident that none of those rioters pay taxes -- never have and never will.
If this giant young thug had gotten the officer's gun, someone else unarmed would have been killed, and the left would celebrate another cop killer.
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