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Unhinged: Chris Matthews Ties Texas Prosecutor Murders to Ted Cruz and the Second Amendment

Luscious Lars Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 4:06 PM
liberal strategy: Eliminate all guns from civilian use. tactics: 1.taxes on guns and ammo to make it very costly to own and possess firearms. 2. Ban more and more "types" of weapons. 3. Restrict when and where people can possess and/or use a firearm. 4. Register all guns and all gun owners via a scheme called Universal Background Checks. 5. Start confiscating certain types of guns and broaden the list as you are able to, politically. 6. Ridicule gun owners and gun ownership as being "rednecks", "gorillas", "uncivilized", etc. 7. Reduce the number of licensed firearms dealers. 8. Create "gun crisis" by selling guns to criminals in Mexico.

Last night on MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews hit a new level of unhinged when he tied Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the Second Amendment to the murders of prosecutors in Kaufman, Texas and of a prison guard in Colorado. Matthews completely ignores the criminal element of the prosecutor slayings and instead tries to claim the people responsible for the murders are "using their Second Amendment rights" to prove a point. More from the Media Research Center:

Let me start tonight with this, where we are in this country with guns. Guns and the law. Three years...