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The Case for Self-Defense After a Massacre: A Look at the Luby's Massacre

Luscious Lars Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 3:26 PM
There have been multiple studies done where we have come to numbers from ~90K to well over 2.5 Million times per year. They can't all be wrong. The real number has to lie somewhere in there. I'm saying it's probably around 1Million times per year, but I'm not certain of it. Think of the number of people in the US being ~350 Million. 4100/350E6=.00001171 or .00171% of the US population. I can believe it. That's a miniscule amount, percentage wise, of the total population who may end up defending themselves on a daily basis. Even if you dropped it to 150 million to account for kids and elderly people in nursing homes, you'd still have .002733%. Take just the estimated number of gun owners (80M). That still only comes to .005125%. Believable.

In 1991, a man named George Hennard drove his truck through the front of a Luby's Cafateria in Killeen, Texas. It wasn't an accident. He hadn't lost control of his vehicle but instead was there to kill. After crashing into the restaurant, Hennard jumped out and started killing as many people as he could. Dr. Suzanna Gratia was there that day eating lunch with her parents. At the time, it was a felony in the state of Texas to carry a firearm inside a purse and Gratia left her gun in the car. Al Gratia, her father, attempted to rush...