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No Blank Check for Criminals

Luscious Lars Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 9:53 PM
He mocks the slippery slope when we've seen it already in the US. Look at California. They made people register certain types of guns saying that those guns would be legal to own. That was until some new lawmakers decided those guns should NOT be legal to own and letters were sent to the owners to surrender them or get their guns out of the state and prove that they had done so. Mr. Chapman is too content with what he sees as a "passive" program today. But we know which way the progressives are heading and it isn't about respecting more freedom, it's about limiting freedoms.
Some people should not be trusted with access to firearms. On that point almost everyone agrees, the only debate being where to draw the line. But no one thinks that if the Unabomber had his sentence commuted, the Second Amendment would entitle him to acquire an arsenal.

Current federal law prohibits gun ownership by felons, those who have been committed to mental institutions, minors, drug users and illegal immigrants. Someone in an ineligible category who goes to a gun store will be flagged in an instant background check and turned away.

But if you're one of the disqualified, take heart: You don't have...