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New Team Obama Strategy: Attacking "Right Wingers"

Luscious Lars Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 12:00 PM
Regarding Ryan vs Biden debates: ["the LSM will have preloaded feelgood and gotcha questions"] Moderator: Mr. Ryan, can you explain to America, in detail, why you want to take away Medicare from senior citizens who already are having a hard time making ends meet and paying for their prescription drugs? Moderator: Mr. Vice President, can you explain to America how you and President Obama are fully in support of senior citizens and making their lives easier instead of harder, as Mr. Ryan's plan would do?

Team Obama seems to have a new plan: attack "right wingers." Chief Obama campaign manager David Axelrod used the term in a derogatory way on Saturday and now, Vice President Joe Biden is warning voters against "right-wing ideology," in light of the Paul Ryan VP pick.

Friend --

Starting now, we can expect even more wealthy, right-wing ideologues lining up to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.

The people on the other side who are trying to buy this election are putting nasty, deceptive TV ads on the air right this very minute. They're...