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Gun Stocks Continue to Soar After Obama's Executive Orders

Luscious Lars Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 5:00 PM
liberals love alcohol while despising firearms. That should tell you the why they don't get too excited about deaths related to alcohol, including children. They don't want one of their "life's little pleasures" taken away from them. Plus, for some reason, they can look to prohibition and see that banning alcohol made things worse, not better. However, their feeble minds can't make the leap of logic as to how banning firearms will make things worse, not better.

President Obama has been credited by many gun owners and manufacturers as being the greatest guns salesman in history. Although Obama didn't launch a direct attack on the Second Amendment and gun ownership during his first term, many thought he would and purchased firearms and ammunition in great quantities. Now that President Obama has been elected a second time with a publicized goal of an "assault" weapons ban, gun sales are through the roof. The month of December brought in a record number of gun sales and FBI background checks. Yesterday, President Obama signed 23 executive actions for gun...