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Fallout: DNC says Romney was Mean, RNC Zeroes in on Obama's Smirk

Luscious Lars Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 4:17 PM
Anyone get the feeling that about 1/2 way through the debate last night Obama was ready to take his ball and go home. I'd have said "balls" but I'm not convinced he has a full set. He's a mommy's boy. And that's not a racist comment. If I was intending on a racist comment I would have referred to "golf balls".

In keeping with the rapid-fire pace of this election cycle, the respective party committees have already produced post-debate videos, and much like the candidates performances' themselves, one is significantly more effective than the other. The debate gave Team Romney quite a bit more to work with than Team Obama, and it's painfully evident in the two videos they each produced.

Let's look at the Democrats' offering first, "Mitt Romney: What a Guy." They don't have much to work with; their candidate's performance was tepid at best -- Charles Blow in the New York Times called him "President Xanax,"...