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Coulter: Republicans Should Cave on Tax Hikes Because "We Lost the Election"

Luscious Lars Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:42 PM
They lost the presidential election, but liberals lost the struggle to gain control of the House of Representatives, and that is where all spending is to be controlled, according to our own Constitution. Now, Obama wants congress to give up control of setting the debt ceiling. What a mistake that would be for our spending and borrowing practices. Do libs support that idea? You libs complained about Bush's spending. What if he'd had a blank check with the debt ceiling when Pelosi controlled the H of R's? Would you libs have been happy if Bush had racked up even higher deficits and debt than he did?

Hannity to Coulter: "You sound like Obama." Fightin' words:


SH: So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?
AC: Not exactly, I--Well, yeah, I guess I am. 
SH: You're saying capitulate to Obama? We don't have a revenue problem, Ann.
AC: We lost the election, Sean.  

Hannity seems genuinely flummoxed by Coulter's capitulatory attitude, but does she have a point?  Recent polling has been gruesome...