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D_ick Turbin will be like the old coot from West Virginia, Bobby Byrd. He won't retire from office, he'll expire while in Congress. Schumer may be the same way.
And then, since we have outsourced so much technology and manufacturing expertise, the world will tell us that they're cutting us off from our big screen TV's, boom boxes, iPhones, iPads, computers, printers, car parts, etc. That may be the point when the LIV's finally get around to blaming the progressives for spending us into oblivion. But it will be too late for those LIV's. They'll be enslaved, economically, into a life of government dependence and poverty from which they will not escape.
OMG! It's the Two Headed Transplant, come to real life! Run for the hills.
Bob R. RVN70-71 is exaclty correct, but that wouldn't fit the big lie that Obama has been good for the economy and good for America. I'll tell you what Obama and the democrats in Washington have been good for. They've been good for nothin'.
Haven't I seen his mug on two cards in a deck of cards? Most of the time those two cards are laid aside and not used. Wish we could lay Chuckie Poo aside, along with most of the progressives in Washington. They are using us (taxpayers) to play their jokes on the American people.
Margaret Thatcher once correctly pointed out that the problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money. Guess what? Not only is America out of other people's money, we've leveraged ourselves into massive piles of debt that even our great grandchildren have no hope of paying off. They will be enslaved, economically by the largesse of spending that is Washington, D.C.
I feel as if I've eaten some cole slaw infected with botchulism.
Chuckles the Clown Schumer = Ambulance Chasing Lawyer. He's not better than John Edwards. What in the heck is wrong with New Yorkers that they keep electing that twit to screw over the rest of us Americans. Of course, I need to be careful since my home state of Minnesota, the land of sky blue voters, elected and then re elected Al Franken to the US Senate. I apologize to my fellow, conservative Americans for the voting behaviors of our silly liberals in the Looney State. Our state bird is the Loon, and so is our current governor, Mark Dayton, whom we also sent to the US Senate a few years ago. Wo is me. I'm stuck in the land of 10,000 liberals
This just proves what a twit Chuck Schumer really is. I'd change the "i" to an "a" buy that word is probably taboo on Townhall forums. Looks like Chucky's taking the skin boat to tuna town. (From Grumpy Old Men)
What liberals and progressives believe about the failures of government, when they are candid enough to admit failure: "We just didn't spend enough time, money, and effort on it. If only we had a bigger government with more bureaucracies, more spending, and more tax revenue, we could make America into a left wing utopian dream world".
Dooohhhh! Good one ME.
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