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5 million NRA members. Let each NRA member donate ten "BO" (Bloomberg-Offset) bucks to the NRA-ILA to the "Negate Nanny Bloomberg" fund.
Why doesn't he put that $50 M towards helping to promote the Eddie Eagle program in the schools. That's a real gun safety program, instead of a program designed to indoctrinate people that guns are bad.
It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven. Bloomberg is FILTHY rich. He'll need much more than 16 oz. of soda to refresh himself where he's headed.
IF there is a God? You won't get to heaven with that wishy washy attitude about the Creator and our Savior, Jesus Christ. For he who believeth in him shall live in eternity. It's obvious by his own statement that he doesn't believe in God, at least not very strongly.
So there is still a spark from the fires of freedom in New York. I thought maybe the coals had gone out. Blow on those embers. Make them glow. Rekindle the flames of liberty in New York. We fought the British to keep New York from succumbing to the rule of the crown.
some of the Canadians were registering nail guns, staple guns, caulk guns, grease guns, etc, back when Canada implemented a national gun registry. Those funny Canadians. The government finally realized that they were wasting millions of dollars every year just to maintain the stupid thing with no discernible, positive, effect, on their violent crime rates. I actually heard that their crime rates inclined slightly.
Unless you sneak them back in after the government of NY "thinks" you've gotten rid of them. mmmmmhaaahaaaahaaa.
only a liberal can brag how "well liked" they are in the community, then tell most people in that community that they are idiots for believing in God.
Wasn't Mr. Bundy paying the county to graze his cows on that land? I heard he had been paying the county all along. Why didn't the BLM go after the county if they had the money which the BLM claimed belonged to the BLM?
Seawolf posted below: [Their stance on the 2nd needs to be part of our vetting process. Any pol who doesn't state that the 2nd amendment "is there to allow YOU to be able to throw ME out of office forcibly if the need arises" should never be elected in the first place.] I like it. More than 98% of ALL firearms owned by citizens in the USA are NEVER used in criminal activity, meaning that we have a VERY high percentage of citizens who are good, honest, patriotic, Americans. Those Americans having their right to keep and bear arms protected serves to help keep the politicians, who swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, as honest as the citizens who elected them. Otherwise, we'll either have to vote them out or "force" them out. We must never give up the power to "force" them out, though we must also hope that we never have to do so. But once you give up the power by surrendering your arms, you are ruined.
Well, I'd say a firing squad firing rotten tomatoes, rotten cabbage, and maybe an old shoe, like Hillary just experienced. Of course, the libs thought it was great when Bush had shoes thrown at him. With Hillary, they were aghast that anyone would dare throw a shoe at her. Bush handled the shoe throwing with dignity, respect, and a little humor, but was never given a compliment for how he did handle the event. With Hillary, they are fawning all over her as to how "well" she handled the event. I'll give her credit that she did handle it well, but no better than did Bush. Yet the media totally focused on her handling of it vs. with Bush they focused on why he was unpopular enough that someone would throw a shoe at him, and never mentioned how classy he was in his handling of it.
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