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{Sarcasm alert!} That's really racist Behold the Pale Horse! Monkeys like bananas. You talking about Obama slipping on a banana peel means you are associating Obama with a monkey. Howard Cossell got fired from Monday night football for making a comment about a black running back when he said, "look at that monkey run". So your comment is blatantly racist! {sarcasm off} Sadly, that's exactly how some PC liberals' brains operate.
DWinch Wrote: [Things are the way they are because 10 out of 10 violent criminals vote democrat.] The most interesting criminal in the world:" I don't always vote, but when I do, I prefer democrats. Stay unarmed my friend".
Good question. Liberals don't seem to mind suicide if the person decides to end their life with drugs, sometimes assisted by a doctor such as Jack Kervorkian. The libs would say, "if that person wants to end their life, that should be their choice". Liberals are all about "choice", dontcha know. But let someone kill themselves with a gun and the liberals go appoplectic and start screaming for more gun control. They conveniently ignore the fact that Japan has a much higher suicide rate than the USA, and they have virtually no guns, especially "legal" guns, in the hands of civilians.
I don't disagree FedFarmer. But that means it's about time that we start pushing back in that direction. We've been off kilter and rudderless in strong political winds for much too long, IMHO.
Oops. Edit: [... even those who are not so conservative, do NOT hold gun control and gun bans as their orthodoxy].
MadisonWannabe Wrote: [To be sure, there are males who still have chauvinistic, almost Neanderthal views concerning women, An accurate assessment in my view, and every one I meet with this attitude is a Democrat. Women are only good for cooking, cleaning, and bed.] There was a woman who was very attractive who conducted a personal study where she dressed in a revealing way and walked about New York City, attempting to see if men who saw her would make sexual comments and emit cat calls or whistles. She found some who did. Think about the majority of men in NYC. Would they not be mostly liberal democrats? We must therefor agree with MadisonWannabe who has painted an accurate picture.
How does civilization survive the loss of another Democrat voter? Answer: Very nicely.
I agree. Being anti gun is also progressive orthodoxy. Do not vote for progressives if you cherish your right to keep and bear arms. And if there's a not so conservative republican running against a progressive, don't stay home and fail to vote. The republicans, even those who are not so conservative, do hold gun control and gun bans as their orthodoxy. We must eliminate the progressives and their agenda. Then we can start to rebuild our republic with more power concentrated in the states and local goverments and not in our federal government. Remember, we have a federal government, under the US Constitution, not a national government. There's a huge difference, but too many Americans do not understand that difference.
Oops. You are correct. Scott Brown. I also want Scott Walker to remain as governor of my neighboring state to the east, but that's a different topic. I guess my Freudian slip is showing. (Blush).
king10 Wrote: [First of all, it's not a politician's job to improve the quality of life for anyone. That's YOUR job.] Hear! Hear! Exactly right. The governments job is to protect your rights in order for you to enjoy your life, your liberty, and be able to pursue happiness. No where in the Constitution does it say that the government's duty is to guarantee or enhance your happiness. The bigger government gets, the more it becomes a road block to people pursuing happiness. Government begins to limit freedoms as it gains more power and control over We the People. Big government is dangerous to our lives, our liberties, and our pursuits of happiness.
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