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Actually, the NG, if they have to, will shoot M16's, not small children. I wonder if the jagoff Simon was concerned about Obama and Holder sending firearms south of the border to the drug cartels and having those firearms used to murder over 300 Mexican citizens. I doubt he cared one bit about that. Plus, we lost two of our own agents, Jaime Zapata and Bryan Terry. Does Simon give a rat's patoot about those two men? It's doubtful that he does.
Oops! "Make that SOB Simon (not Perry) the subject of public ridicule...."
The way to shut this guy up would be for Gov. Rick Perry to out him and his lies at a special public appearance. Perry should go Alinsky on him. He should get in Simon's face. Perry should bring a gun to this knife fight. Make that SOB Perry the subject of public ridicule by a sitting Governor of an important political state, Texas. It's time to shove this crapola right back in their faces. Most of the time we should take the high road. But when these leftist hacks climb in the gutter, it's time to kick them from the curb. You'd still be "higher" than them if that's of importance.
Did you know that Roger Simon has not paid his income taxes in over 10 years. I have a very good friend in the know who told me that. I can't reveal my source, however. Would I lie? Same thing Harry Reid did to Mitt Romney. False accusation, no revealing of source or hard data. He just assumed you'd trust him. Well, some morons on the left did, and maybe some mushy headed moderates. The only difference is that I said this from an anonymous keyboard out in cyberspace. Harry Reid lied on the floor of the US Senate.
Can the left get any further from reality in their desperation to hold onto political power in the US? Obama was telling the Russians and Putin that they need to get serious. He should deliver that same message to his buddies on the left, because they are about as off kilter from reality as one can get, based upon this nut job and his false accusations. Also, what about the lefties claiming that the Hobby Lobby decision would result in the deaths of pregnant women? Seriously?
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Bordering on Madness

Luscious Lars Wrote: 16 hours ago (8:00 AM)
How can they understand the language of freedom and liberty in our D of I and our Constitution if they won't learn English, the language those documents are written in? The answer is that they don't care. Many come here for the benefits that our government provides, not for the freedom our government is supposed to foster and protect. That's a problem. The democrats know why they come here and they use that to "buy" votes. It's pretty simple when you break it down. The illegals need democrats to continue the gravy train, and the democrats need the illegals to ensure they stay in power to continue the gravy train.
Several people below were discussing Citizens United and whether "corporations" have the right of free political speech. Corporations are like Soylent Green. They're made from people. All joking aside, liberals hate that decision, saying groups of people, incorporated, have no political speech rights. Then liberals take the Second Amendment, and say that people must be in a group (collective right) to exercise their rights to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court shot that idea down as well, thank God. So the liberals like it when rights can only be exercised by a collection of people when it comes to firearms possession, but they hate it when a collection of people in a corporation exercise their political speech rights. Liberalism is inconsistent. Many folks claim it's some form of mental disorder. I'm not a psychiatrist, so I can't make an official claim on the latter. However, the inconsistency in liberalism is very evident on many issues and platforms.
Norm Coleman had been a democrat at one time, and was the Mayor of St. Paul as a democrat. He flipped parties when he decided he would not get any traction for higher office on the democrats tickets. He was never a died in the wool conservative. But he tried to sell himself as one. It didn't work all that well. He really wanted to be governor, but the republicans in Minnesota wanted him to run against Paul Wellstone for US Senate. Wellstone died in a plane crash and Coleman defeated stand in Walter Mondale for the US Senate. After one term, Al Franken stole the election in 2008 by 312 votes, many of which were supposedly found in the trunk of a car. But of all the votes found in the trunk, 95% of them were for Franken, which didn't make sense since the race was virtually a 50-50 split.
I don't remember the title of the movie, but my favorite all time scene in any movie or SNL skit with Al Franken is where he's in a gorilla suit and they toss him into a cage with an oversexed male gorilla, who thinks Franken is a female gorilla. That's more up to his speed than being a US Senator. I can't recall a lot that he has done as a US Senator that really sets him apart from the rest of the liberals in the Senate chairs who vote with the party and Obama 95% of the time.
And Vladdy thinks Obama is a big joke, with big ears and small pants.
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