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Very few democrats, voters and politicians, should qualify to have a gun if we want to use some form of mental illness as a disqualifying factor. This article is very sketchy about some key issues. What is the criteria to have someone declared "mentally ill"? Does the so-called mentally ill person have to be declared to be mentally ill by a trained professional, or is it a judgement call by police and/or politicians? Is this just to carry a gun (carry permit) or to possess a gun in their home? Very poor article with regards to presenting facts and painting a full picture of the situation. If all it takes is for someone to seek professional help for a bout of depression, for example, to be disqualified to possess a firearm, then the law goes WAY too far. I think it needs to go to a judge who needs to have the inputs of trained mental health profressionals who have examined the subject and have declared the subject to be a danger to himself/herself or society at large. Otherwise, it could easily be a backdoor gun grab. To many liberals, anyone who would want to have a gun is mentally ill and a danger to themselves, their families, and society, and thus should not have a gun. You see how that works?
Interesting that he's going to campaign for democratic governors in very blue states. He's not going to any red or even purple states to try and either save a seat in congress for the democrats or to take away a seat from the republicans. He's not got the meidas touch in helping to win races for democrats for national seats (The House and Senate). They don't want him to come in and "help" them. They have their hazmat suits on as that cartoon depicts. They don't want to catch "O"bola.
Maybe we can convince her to run for the White House in 2016. She seems to have more fire in her belly than some of the other republicans who are potential candidates. Could we see a Marsha Blackburn vs. Hillary Clinton battle for the White House?
Can't wait until the US can cut itself off from Obama in 2016, and democrat control of the Senate in a few weeks.
Maybe when they come home, they can throw their medals over a fence at a hospital, or, do as John Forbes Kerry did and throw someone elses medals over the fence while trying to get people to believe that you threw your own medals over.
This is a job for the UN. Instead of trying to create bans on small arms to disarm American citizens, they should focus on helping people who are really in need of some outside help. Isn't it amazing how the US is always so despised by so many nations of the world, but when the Ebola hits the fan, we are looked at as the one nation who SHOULD be doing something?
On a dark desert highway, turbins on their hair Loud sound of the Warthogs, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, they saw a pulsating light Their heads grew heavy and their hopes grew dim They knew it wasn't their night. A10's flew down the highway; As all their bomblets fell, ISIS thinking to themselves, "This isn't Heaven but this could be Hell" Warthogs lit up their convoy, giving ISIS a fit There were bullets landing everywhere, We thought we heard them $hit... Welcome to the A10 Warthog fighter, Such a lovely plane (Such a lovely plane) Such a deadly rain. Plenty of death from an A10 Warthog fighter, Any time of day (Any time of day) You'll get blown away.
I heard that the White House was going to get Charlie Sheen to conduct White House press breifings about ISIS. Winning!
Gabby Giffords and her anti 2nd Amendment husband, Mark Kelly, should be lobbying for more DOJ and ATF control and background checks.
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