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Nancy Pelosi believes that unemployment checks stimulate the economy. It just doesn't get any dumber than that.
As of late, democrats have been raising the specter of "impeachment", though there has been no talk of that in GOP circles, so far. Is this another attempt at trying to entice the GOP to start impeachment proceedings in order to make Obama into a victim of GOP aggression? The democrats and Obama are also bringing up the warnings that the GOP will shut down the government over immigration, when the GOP has not made any statements about that. Obama seems desperate to find some issue where he can look like the victim of those evil republicans in order to save what legacy he has left to save, which is miniscule.
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

Luscious Lars Wrote: 23 hours ago (1:39 PM)
How 'bout a Chic-Fil-Et in every city? That would be really irksome to liberals such as Rahmbo Dead Fish (Mayor of Chitcago).
Good one DT_L. But with Saturns, you'll often have them at the local repair garage, from what I've heard about the quality. I'll admit I've only go hear-say evidence and have never owned a Saturn. My apologies to any Saturn owners who've loved their Saturns.
Maybe they'll have to answer to God, someday?
In the Obama library, any white folks wishing to enter will be welcomed, but they'll have to enter via the back door and stay in the back rooms.
The libs also require the votes of blacks in exchange for "taking care" of those blacks. ROLF? Rolling on Linoleum Floor? ;0-)
Question 2: Gov. Nixon, why did you call out the National Guard but then you neglected to send them into Ferguson where they could have stopped some of the looting, arson, and vandalism?
I thought for minute you were saying that blacks could only own and drive Saturns in black communities. ;0-)
D_ick Turbin will be like the old coot from West Virginia, Bobby Byrd. He won't retire from office, he'll expire while in Congress. Schumer may be the same way.
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