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Jim Webb could be the sleeper on the democratic side to watch out for. He's a Veteran, and can use that against most of the GOP candidates who are not. Are there any GOP candidates who are Veterans? Was Jeb Bush in the military? Webb was also more supportive of the 2nd Amendment than are many democrats at the national level. Will he have to reign in that support to appease the Democratic Party leadership which is EXTREMELY anti gun and RADICALLY pro gun-control.
For several reasons, I'm of the opinion that Hillary is just not all that likeable as a candidate. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board. She gets a little nasty when someone angers her. Many people know that she plays fast and loose with the truth when it suits her to do so. On top of that, she's got the Benghazi Albatrosse to bear around her neck. She has no major accomplishments in her political carreer. She's never run a company or an organization. She failed miserably when given the charter to come up with a national health care insurance plan. Hillary Care went down in flames as soon as it took off. Some say it never got off the ground before crashing and burning.
When will she undergo her face lift, before or after she officially announces her campaign?
Hillary has no executive experience. What has she run? She failed miserably when her faithful husband Bill put her in charge of coming up with a national health care scheme. She did nothing of any notoriety at the State Dept. other than fail to do anything useful with regards to the attack at Benghazi. She's a light weight when it comes to experience and accomplishments. But there's still the political winds from the left who want her to be the president and want a woman president. If Hillary was a man, I think Biden could beat her, based upon accomplishments, and he hasn't that many to his name either.
Where are they going to stow all of Hillary's luggage (baggage) when she runs? How are they going to fend off attacks that are true? At this point, what difference does it make when she announces the start of her "official" campaign? She's been campaigning for President since her faithful husband Bill was first elected. She must have been thinking, "If that dope can do it, I'd be a shoe in." But then she forgot that liberal democrats first wanted a black president so they immediately groomed Oblamo and pushed her aside into the Secretary of State job where she achieved NO great accomplishments. Even her ardent supporters have been hard pressed to name any significant accomplishments she achieved at the State Dept.
I agree and I also like Walker. He'll need a little spit and polish on several issues, but on most of them, he's better than the rest of the field and he's been winning elections in a very blue state. I like that.
That is all so true. My theory is that it comes from a dumbed down intelligence factor combined with an amped up self arrogance and righteousness factor. Many of the public screwals are not teaching the lessons needed for students to be prepared for adulthood and self reliance. In addition, we have people who are not being mentors to these youth, but instead are telling these youth how good and valuable they as human beings. How everyone should get a trophy. How there are no right or wrong answers. How there is no good or evil. How it's all relative. So these yahoos go and vote for someone they think is just like them, and have no clue what is needed in the character makeup of someone who is elected President. Obama is our president for two reasons. The biggest reason is because he's half black. The second reason is because the media and liberals wanted to have our first black president, so they didn't properly vet Obama or let the voters know what his weaknesses were. All they talked about were some of the good things they could think of to report about him, some of which was not entirely true. Example: He's the smartest person we've seen run for president for quite some time. False. He's not that smart, and he's not that competent. As narcissistic as he is, if his college grades were anything to brag about, he'd have bragged about them instead of sequestering them where no one could see them.
And open up insurance buying across state lines for crying out loud. What other market or industry is there where the government steps in and says, "Sorry folks, you will only buy from companies within your own state after those companies have been selected and approved by your state's government."? How stupid is that?
That's a good and fair prediction, PATLAR.
Agreed. Now let's see if the conspiracy theorists come out to tell us that this is just a ploy by Romney to garner more support. Their thinking might be, "Romney did this to make people think he puts the nation and the party ahead of himself in order to gather support from more people who might admire that quality of character".
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