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Barry lies and freedom dies!
That could as easily be said of golf courses in Hawaii!
Are you complaining about that or are you celebrating the prospect?
One of these clowns actually told me that the founding fathers would be horrified at the technological innovation of semiautomatic arms, and thus would have banned them forthwith. My answer to that was if you believe that those scholarly fellows would never have used semiautomatic arms had they been available, you know next to nothing about guys such as Madison, Adams, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton etc. By your definition, those men were gun nuts. They would have assuredly made use of semiautomatics had they been available and would definitely have advocated their availability and possession for all citizens. I believe I have the better understanding of what the founding fathers wanted for the republic.
rance123 encounters truthful, devastating and righteous condemnation of UK national healthcare and immediately launches into changing the subject. That is the intellectually cowardly response of a progressive who has had a favorite scheme debunked.
Any serious student of the constitution understands that under Barack Obama freedom is under attack. He has contempt for the constitution which he has expressed even before he was president. Liberals detest the constitution because it limits government and they are silly enough to believe that growing government grows freedom when history shows in spades that that growth in government results in exactly the opposite.
Your first mistake is that the redistribution of wealth is a misnomer. It's the redistribution of poverty, not wealth. There are millions of veterans in this land who hope to God that they never have to make use of the VA and have private health insurance.
I suggest that you eschew drugs the next time you're ill and a physician prescribes them. Otherwise you'll be making those evil drug companies even richer, and that would never do.
Is it reasonable to expect that people you steal from will continue to love you? Who cares if you promise heaven on earth in return for the money you steal? You are still a thief!
True enough! But thegood news is that there is always somewhere for a self reliant person to escape to. That's why Texas and other states are profiting from successful people arriving from places like California, New Jersey, Illinois, and New York. There are places where people will rob you with a pistol to your belly and other places where people will rob you by passing laws to increase taxes. But both groups are common thieves.
Well, liame22, Karl Rove was wrong in his prognostication. It happens from time to time. The problem with your political persuasion is that you have always been wrong. There isn't a single historical example of socialism ever providing prosperity for any country, anywhere on the planet.
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