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15 Things That Are Not Okay For Liberals To Do

lupine Wrote: Feb 16, 2013 4:50 PM
I suspect you don't know that Hoover increased taxes and spending to deal with the so called Great Depression, and FDR ran on a platform of cutting taxes and spending. When he was elected, he expanded Hoover's policies thus extending the length of that depression. So your Hoover-ville title could as easily be termed Roosevelt-ville.

Many liberals have come to believe the rules of morality, decency, and good behavior don't apply to them. You see, since they're liberal they think that no matter how racist, sexist, violent, dehumanizing, evil or disgusting their behavior may be, they're still good people just by virtue of the fact that they're liberals. Of course, not every progressive feels that way, but almost no one on the Left who disagrees has the courage to speak out against the horrific behavior of his fellow liberals. That's understandable if you think about it. Just as a member of the KKK would fear...