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I thought all these wilderness areas had been given to the Indians to starve on. Won't sustain buffalo, won't sustain deer, just rattlesnakes. It's not about worthiness of the land. It's about government becoming the owner of the land. That's communism. We need to outlaw imminent domain, in the interest of freedom.
Interesting link on Dora Shriro. I wondered what happened to her after she terminated my career with DOC in MO.
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Why Liberals Behave the Way They Do

Luny Tune Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 7:37 AM
Would you quit whining because your guy didn't win the GOP ticket, and get on board to replace Obama?
You gave me an idea. If they are so keen on windmills, why hasn't the government allowed them to be built on government land? What are they holding that land for?
I'm sure the government bailed him out. Nobama likes to bail out fatcats.
Might also add that we need to lift all the regulations and bans on coal. It is our primary source of powerplant fuel, especially in the East. It doesn't take a comprehensive plan to do that... Just do it.
Well, that's not totally correct because the wind is always blowing in Texas where much of his investments are. Problem is, those windmills are very expensive and takes too long to recover cost.
Bob Barr, you are the idiot I thought you are. First of all, we don't need a "comprehensive" energy plan. The Energy Department has been a failure since its inception. Far better that we "simply" disband Energy Department and then very "simply" lift all the drilling bans in ANWR, Offshore and government land in the interior. Turn the patch loose and watch a bunch of oilpatch warriors turn the patch upside down. Secondly, T. Boone Pickens is a chameleon. I wouldn't want him overseeing a cockfight, much less our energy policy.
And maybe we should block those Napalitano says are threats to the government. You know, those who want limited government, deregulations. Let's throw in the Christians. They are certainly radical. And those constitutionalists. They are very dangerous. Jacob Sullum, I do believe you are a communist. Are you sure you're not a card carrying Brady Fan?
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Of Free Speech and Chick-Fil-A

Luny Tune Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 8:22 AM
Now that one cracks me up. How did he get elected? Oh, that's right, you have Union longshoresmen up there.
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