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New Hampshire Teachers Call Flip-Flop, Tank Top Ban ‘Condescending’

lukemcire Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 7:44 AM
Once again the Right worries about appearances, not outcomes. I don't care if a teacher wears a thong if he or she can teach math well.
charlene29 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 3:57 PM
If a teacher showed up wearing a thong I don't think they would be judged on their mathematical teaching skills.
tibby2 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 11:35 AM
Explains why America is slipping in math and the sciences on the world stage.

You thong is showing.
restoreliberty Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 10:31 AM
When the teachers only show up to troll for fresh young cougar meat there is a little problem with the caliber of teacher and the quality of education. The outcomes for American schools suck, and they suck across the board and in comparison to around the world. But keep thinking that School Boards which are mostly non-partisan are the problem instead of immature teachers that have yet to realize that they aren't going out clubbing, they are going to work. No one in their right mind would subject their child to the low quality, inane education "levels" and behavioral examples of our current public schools.
R.3 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 8:19 AM
I'm sure you consider our public school system a gleeming success story, too.
binc Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 8:15 AM
Right luke, the outcomes are just fabulous theses days aren't they? I'm sure that the dumbing down process has absolutely nothing to do with the lax standards in general.
lukemcire Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 5:37 AM
I didn't say that at all. Read much? That's an entirely different issue, and one that will not be fixed by focusing on dress codes.
Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 8:08 AM
You cannot teach anyone anything if they don't see you as superior in some way. Clothing is a way to install a bit of respect if it's done right and the children learning, or trying to learn, have been taught by their parents to respect their elders.

For an adult student it's different. An adult can recognize that he has something to learn from a teacher or he wouldn't be there.

Just how far has the culture in government schools devolved?

School district efforts to professionalize staff is now considered an affront to teachers.

At least that’s the attitude emanating from teachers in the Hampton, New Hampshire SAU 90 school district.

The school board is considering an update to its dress-code policy for teachers, and, according to, “several teachers are insulted such a policy exists, telling them blue jeans, sneakers, flip-flops and tank tops are off limits.”

Superintendent Kathleen Murphy said staff members feel the proposed policy is “derogatory and condescending.”

It’s derogatory to ask professionals to dress a...