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If You Want Good Tax Policy, Choose Jersey- but not New Jersey!

lukemcire Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 4:11 AM
The tax codes of Jersey are mainly given to them directly by their sovereign, the Duke of Normandy. Since 1066 the Duke has been the British monarch. Queen Elizabeth II is the current Duke (they say Duke even when it's a woman).
George257 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 3:19 PM
The Queen is head of state in name only though. Jersey has a parliament, democratically elected, which chooses not to impose excessive taxes.

I’m in Jersey, where I gave a speech last night.

But not New Jersey, the state where you shouldn’t die. That’s the state that many people have been fleeing because they don’t like paying confiscatory taxes to finance bureaucrats who make as much as $320,000 per year.

Instead, I’m in the Bailiwick of Jersey, which is a UK dependent territory off the coast of France. Jersey is a so-called tax haven, which I applaud because it helps

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