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I Am Not Stoned: Sobering Realities For Taxpayers On The Road To Legalizing Marijuana

lukemcire Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:58 AM
NO-NO NANNY ALERT! I'm so tired on RINOs like Austin Hill who laminated to be conservative supporters of individual responsibility and liberty, but are really just NO-NO NANNIES. If you want to tell other people how to liver their lives, either have kids or move to Iran. The GOP wants to start winning elections? Try espousing real conservatism.
Illbay Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 10:51 AM
So NOTHING should ever be prohibited, right? Ever?
Beethovens10th Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 11:05 AM
"Libertarian" is just their nice way of saying "anarchist."

Pot fans got what they wanted in Colorado: they finally convinced voters there to support the legalization of “recreational marijuana.” It’s seen as a huge victory for those who support the powers of the individual states, and a great example of “federalism” in action. But who is considering the burden of all of this on the American taxpayer?

Before I go further, let me be clear: I have never in my entire life consumed marijuana. When I was a kid I was out of step with my peers on this, but I’ve just never been interested in “trying it,” and that’s...