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except the content therein. read the standards carefully. formulate an alternative that you think would produce an educated, literate citizenry prepared to advance the nation's prosperity and well-being. you will find that what you come up with is likely pretty close.
308x377 is somewhere between 110,000 and 120,000 is a better example. it is estimating, which we all do every day, a skill set that is crucial to our daily lives. and, it exercise a completely different part of the brain, interestingly, than knowing that 300x400=120,000. this is not either/or stuff. it is both/and.
the three r's are not outdated. they are necessary, but not sufficient. there is no high level job in our society that does not require complex skill sets that extend beyond the three r's. conservatives who do not find a way to embrace and understand that reality have no future in the nation's long-term political discourse.
actually, no, it is not.
no worries, at least on my part. i was not offended. i work with schools, parents, teachers and all their hopes and aspirations all the time. but conservatives do need to be more analytic and knowledgeable about these things. otherwise, we do not deserve to govern.
hi. actually, well executed, it is very good education. and, if you made a list of the things you believe high school graduates need to succeed in a world far more complex than the one we graduated into in the 20th century, you would find honest and hard-working and smart people who worked on the common core standards came up with some pretty effective and compelling formulations. there is some good stuff in there. lots of it. lots of wisdom. whether it should be so closely coupled to federal initiatives is another question, but on the merits, it's better than ideologues think. reminds me of obama eschewing gitmo and promising to close it down. once he got into office, he realized that maybe he did not have all the answers after all.
she is no more sinful than you. or me. and that is mighty sinful. people of principle work with people who don't meet their principles all the time. otherwise there would be no conversations between people.
whether you are an ignorant slob, i doubt. if you are contemptuous of money in education, you are not looking at every other sector of society.
actually, it's not socialist indoctrination. conservatives who make such arguments become poster-children for liberals who think conservatives won't read and think for themselves. common core standards - well executed - represent a great hope for the educated, literate, thoughtful, and skilled populace the country needs. liberalism run wild has much more to fear from common core standards than conservatism.
i think MM is one of the most important and lucid conservative writers of the day. But the vituperation against CCSS is misplaced. As for Stanford emeritus Milgram, his day deriding NCTM standards is come and gone. Conservatives are not afraid of Smoth & Wesson or Lockheed Martin or Exxon making a profit in their businesses, and they may as well face up to the fact that there is money in education. That is not a good enough reason to oppose CCSS. There is nothing about them that "waters down" learning. Schools that produce students who meet common core standards are going to wind up as better critical thinkers, more knowledgeable, more resourceful, and more capable than they would otherwise be. That's good sign for conservatism. CCSS is the wrong fight.
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