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right. like ms. warren. right. that makes sense.
jack, i am with you. i hope he runs. the nation would be well-served.
no, actually, he is not repugnant, and our nation would be much better off if he had been elected.
it's time we put a true Christian leader in the White House! - unbelievably stupid comment. no wonder independents think so little of us. it's time we put competence in to this secular role, and let his or her relationship with the almighty not be a part of civic discourse.
the hard right is wrong on too many issues. the middle actually turns out to be a much better place than hard right or the hard left, for these times.
sarah palin as nominee? didn't we make the same mistake in 2008 of electing a good-looking lightweight who did not understand how overmatched he was by the job he was seeking. sarah palin is not the tonic the nation needs.
he would have been a great president, much better than the incumbent, cute labels notwithstanding.
except the content therein. read the standards carefully. formulate an alternative that you think would produce an educated, literate citizenry prepared to advance the nation's prosperity and well-being. you will find that what you come up with is likely pretty close.
308x377 is somewhere between 110,000 and 120,000 is a better example. it is estimating, which we all do every day, a skill set that is crucial to our daily lives. and, it exercise a completely different part of the brain, interestingly, than knowing that 300x400=120,000. this is not either/or stuff. it is both/and.
the three r's are not outdated. they are necessary, but not sufficient. there is no high level job in our society that does not require complex skill sets that extend beyond the three r's. conservatives who do not find a way to embrace and understand that reality have no future in the nation's long-term political discourse.
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