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NBC Swing State Polls: It's All Over, So Just Give Up

Luke126 Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 3:09 PM
Personally, I think that current events in the Arab world will wipe out any post-convention bounce for Obama and absent any unforeseen events, it is the debates that will swing this election one way or the other. Having heard Obama speak off-TelePrompter, that does not bode well for him, but time will tell.

Obama's up by seven in Ohio, and five in Virginia and Florida -- all bigger margins than the Hopenchange sweep of 2008 --  so all is lost, Republicans.  Do yourselves a favor and pack it in now.  Not so fast, cautions Allahpundit:

The Democratic turnout advantage in this model would be only a point less in Virginia and Florida than it was at the apex of Hopenchange in 2008, and in Ohio it would actually be two points greater. That’s not happening in November, but O’s lead in each state is wide enough here...