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Well said. I wish we could fire the WHOLE bunch and start over. The saddest thing is that even though Congress has a single-digit approval rating, almost every incumbent, no matter how slimy, how corrupt, how incompetent, is re-elected.
Well said. I wish we could fire the WHOLE bunch and start over.
Holder himself should be in jail by now. If not for contempt of Congress then for aiding and abetting in the murder of a US Border Agent. If I gave a known criminal a gun and that weapon was used in a murder, I'd be arrested, charged, put on trial and jailed - Not one of those things has been done to Holder
It is Netanyahu's job to worry about Israel first. I wish that Obama could show as much real concern for ordinary American people instead of celebrities and rich, elitist liberals.
Well of course... I mean Beyonce is definitely cuter than Netanyahu and Jay-Z is far cooler President Obama HAS his priorities after all.
Personally, I think that current events in the Arab world will wipe out any post-convention bounce for Obama and absent any unforeseen events, it is the debates that will swing this election one way or the other. Having heard Obama speak off-TelePrompter, that does not bode well for him, but time will tell.
I could (and have) write a long dissertation why things are much worse for President Obama than people like NBC would have you believe, but here's a short two-pointer: 1. There is a huge "lie factor" in play here. Especially among Obama's core, minority demographics. They tell pollsters what they think the "party" would want them to say but will vote otherwise. 2. There is a marked drop in enthusiasm. People who would brave rain, snow and sleet to vote for "The One" in 2008 will now find other things to do like wash their hair or vacuum the dog rather than bother to vote. Some may even switch allegiance. Either way it will hurt Obama.
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Luke126 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 4:13 PM
Nah, he'll just curl up in the corner quivering and muttering: "The thrills are gone... The thrills are gone..."
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