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Hmmmm, and how did Romney get his money? Did he start with $0, develop a one-of-a-kind idea and hit the big time?
TuttleTacoma is so vile!! Some of the most base and low brow things I've seen on this site come from this person! What is your life like? Because you HAVE to assume that anyone this vile in this venue must also carry that out into their day, to their friends and neighbors. My heart goes out to you, Tuttle.
Not just American history, but world history
Why should he care about coming across as a Christian? MOST politicians feign a belief in Christianity - it's a surefire way to get votes - appear to hold the same sociocultural values as those who would hope to vote for you. When was the last time you saw Obama make any grand overtures about being a Christian? Almost never. He's younger. And like many younger people in this country, Christianity does not figure as importantly (it would seem) to him. Not a big deal.
God, Zeus, Saturn, Poseidon, Athena, Arjuna. They all gat with hot mortal women. Good to be king I guess
All idols should run unopposed.
Romney's other neglected demographic: job-creating equines. Where's the bumper sticker for that?
Ok Nana82, are you describing people on the left specifically, or are you describing any person who has envy for the things that they do not have? I certainly doubt that the capacity for envy resides within the hearts of one shade political stripe. Why so generalized?
I don't. The whole idea of immaculate conception is just weird.
Republicans are making hay out of this because they have to: there's nowhere else to go to salvage Romney's tarnished public brand. I have never selected my presidential candidate based on how much or to whom they donate. I'm not about to start. Didn't matter before, doesn't matter now.
That's preposterous. But interesting. How do the MSM and the CIA plan to take control of the World? Are they affiliated with other governments? How do they plan to take power from global powers like China, England, etc.?
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