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His killing of Saddaam was pretty controversial. That's not the sort of thing you'd want to brag about - I would think
JRG3: HOW is that any different than Obama? Have you read what you just posted? It's just general enough to apply to anyone! Shoot, he ran down MY foreign policy approach.
And both of 'em killed a guy.
What's Romney's foreign policy strategy
Why is it stupid? He assassinated a guy that the US has been half-heartedly chasing for 10 years. I have yet to see Obama point to the killing as the totality of American policy. I HAVE seen him point to it as an accomplishment. And considering the fact that Bin Laden is the de facto reason/source/argument for our entire reason for being in the Middle East I think that Obama is right to point to that as an accomplishment. So I don't think that it's a stupid statement; I do think that perhaps you haven't thought about it enough. There will be graduate seminars based around the Bin Laden killing and its subsequent foreign policy products/ramifications.
True, Bin Laden's death is not foreign policy, BUT it is an indicator of an approach to foreign policy; it is a direct product of foreign policy. West is throwin' shade because his team didn't take Laden out. If Bush had done it West would not appear on tv with this statement
Speaking of "sexthlete," I hear Tuttle can fold herself up like a piece of plastic lawn furniture. Bendy!
In a word: no. Next question.
MC? Who uses that anymore?! Dude, people haven't used that handle since the early 90's. Lame sauce, my man
Hmmmm, and how did Romney get his money? Did he start with $0, develop a one-of-a-kind idea and hit the big time?
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