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Military veterans campaign as can-do candidates

luckystranger Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 5:05 AM
Perhaps those Vets being encouraged to run by the Dems are Homosexuals whom could not get enough support from conservative Americans if they ran as Republicans.

WASHINGTON (AP) — When he meets voters in Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District, former Army Ranger Kevin Strouse recounts how he helped clear a city block in Iraq during the rescue of prisoner of war Jessica Lynch in 2003. The story is meant to show his experience working with others to accomplish a goal.

"In the military, it's always a team effort," says Strouse, who completed three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq and now is running as a Democrat, hoping to unseat GOP Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick next year. "There's a hierarchy, but things get done because people work together."

In Arizona, Republican...