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I Hope This Is The Last Column I Ever Have To Write About Bronco Bamma

LuckySimba Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 2:12 AM
Oh, lord I hope Barry is gone Tuesday. The MSM's obsession with him is something I never want to see again in my lifetime.
Nam65-66 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 6:26 AM
Her won;t be gone Tuesday.But he will be gone 10 January.That is a long time to write executive orders.On the other hand,Mitt can unwrite them!
BenHartley Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 7:36 AM
Er... um... Inauguration Day is January 20th, according to the twentieth amendment to the Constitution. Day One assignment for President Romney: rescind all executive orders dated January 20, 2009 and later.
Nam65-66 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:25 AM
Your right,Ben.My mistyping.
This past week a YouTube video of a crying four-year-old little girl named Abigail went viral. In the video Abby’s mom asks her why she’s so sad. Abigail replies through a steady stream of tears and mucus that she’s “tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” Well, little sister, I feel your pain. Now, mind you, I’m not tired of Romney and Ryan, but good Lord … and believe me when I tell you … I’m pig sick of Bronco Bamma.

Yep, I’m beyond ready for this ignoble thing called the Obama presidency to be officially finito. These...

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