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No suprise: It's New York.
The reference is to the Catholics who beileve a fetus is life and respect life. Got It?
Wow, a business actually deciding what benefits they will provide. Outrageous! Dr. you really need to read more than justa few far left web sites. Try talking to Hobby Lobby Employees. Iv'e been to two stores. The employees (yes the women too) are thrilled to work at such a good store and love the benes. They are not concerned with the 4 out of 16 birth control benes not covered. Do you read anything?....ever?
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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

Luckydog1 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 3:09 PM
Why are you stopping at lodges Navy? Why aren't you removing all religious material from your Service, including chaplians? If you are going to follow a policy, why be selective? If a vegetarian group objects to meat being eaten in the mess halls will you remove all meat from the menu? How the mighty have fallen.
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Attacking Achievement

Luckydog1 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 2:53 PM
Sorry, no sympathy for New Yorkers here. They chose DeBlasio, they got Deblasio. Same for any city, state or country (like the U.S.) that votes for liberals.
Revisionist history also doesn't cover black families that owned black slaves. Anthony Johnson was the first recorded premanent (not indentured servants) slave owner in the South. Anthony Johnson was black. By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves.
Geez, another country heard from. A blank statement with no evidence to back it. If Israel wanted to eradicate them they would. But it would take too many civilians. They are being as precise as possible. Civilians die in war. It's Hamas who wants to eradicate Israel. THEY HAVE DECLARED SUCH. But they are not capable of doing so. Israel ceded Gaza back to them to make peace uprooting all their own residents and relocating them. A lot of good that appears to have done now. Do you read anything....ever?
Claiming to be a Christian, Mr. Obama is now ready to act. He's on the 15th hole and he lifts a high 9 iron towards the green. Oh, it's fading left into a sand trap. The President is clearly angry now.
I"m a big sports fan. Love to watch athletes compete. But I personally do not have a high opinion of them. Most are egotistical immature children. I feel the same towards other celebrities but I still watch a movie occasionally and listen to songs. Having said that, what Ray Rice did was wrong, unexcusable. But he has publicly apologized and is going to counseling with his wife. His wife asked for leniancy from the NFL as she wanted her and Ray to resolve this problem privately. Now the Governor of Maine wants to get in the act? What's he going to boycott in Maine, Jersey's at the local Sport's Authority? Burn Redskin tickets? How about using that time for something useful, like serving the people of Maine.
That's a myth. About 40,000 inmates of state and federal prison have a current conviction involving marijuana, and only about half of them are in for marijuana offenses alone; most of these were involved in DISTRBUTION. Less than one percent are in for possession alone.
There was no land owned by anyone at that time. The land was occupied by the strongest who dispatched the weaker. That was the Indian way. Do you read anything? Ever?
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