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Doesn't this show that Hagan and her ilk consider Democrats to be pretty dumb and gullible? How sad that many of them don't see it.
This is one of your points on the issues discussed in this column? Really? And by the way, you really don't know why the term is used by some on this site? You need to read more.
You're comparing his take on Democrat policies and the conditions of the country? Who is it again that doesn't have a clue?
No need to lie. I have to assume you are becuase I see no evidence of your rediculous claim. The articles I've read by Prager on Bin Laden has been to OK the act of celebrating his death becuse of his evil ways. Where's your evidence? Simple research on the internet makes your claims look foolish.
And all the mind-numbed liberals nod there head in unison with their fearless leader.
The ACLU should have no trouble acheiveing separation of church and state for thisTen Commandments Monument. They separate themselves from this monument by going far away from it. Separation acheived.
She's become a good campaigner..for Republicans.
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Where Was President Obama?

Luckydog1 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 1:28 PM
Michelle, How can you say that. Obama has been very vigilant. So much so, that he is hitting more fairways and greens and putting better then ever.
Well said William.
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