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Forget it John. The Millennial Generation may as well be called the Clueless Generation. The public school ones were taught little more than how to feel good about themselves no matter how poorly they performed. They were given many chances to get assignments right. Their self-esteem and their "feelings" were paramount. This has nothing to do with the real world of achievement where failure is part of learning how to succeed. Many have become wooses. This is why many are waiting to be "discovered" or to have a job brought to their door rather than going out and fighting to get one. And they helped give us Obama. I see little if no value in this generation as a whole.
Your using the figures he gave for pro football. The 3/10,000 is for pro basketball. Fewer players in B-ball. Oops. Meant for soliton. Sorry
Your using the figures he gave for pro football. The 3/10,000 is for pro basketball. Fewer players in B-ball.
For those who claim there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans watch this video. This is a dangerous woman.
Tell that to the relatives who lost loved one on 9/11....caused by a very small and sorry band of losers. Did you consider them our enemy?
In a free society, one can earn what their demand dictates. Yes, celebrities make lots of money. I'm OK with that. I'm not OK with the hero worship and people thinking somehow they are enlightened because they can catch a football or read lines that someone else wrote.
Celebrity athletes, actors, etc. are generally narcissistic, egostistical elitists who crave our adoration and utter loyalty. In actuality they are nothing more than small -minded people with one talent. I want them to entertain me, that's all. I want to see them on TV, not in person. I don't want their autographs, acknowledgements or company. I want them just to shut up and sing, play, act, etc.
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Favors and Loot for Sale

Luckydog1 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 9:04 AM
The problem is the American voter...lazy, ignorant, selfish and sometimes out and out stupid. And for this there doesn't appear to be a solution.
Pay attention to what is happening in England. Coming to a neighborhood near you America.
Never in our history have this many scandals and incompetent issues been exposed about our government and never before have we had this kind of cover-up of them. An informed electorate would correct this quickly. Unfortunately, the number of stupid, ignorant and selfish American voters will not make that possible. And I don't see it changing in the future.
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