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Mr. Obama will appoint Lora Lerner to get right on it.
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The Campus Crusade for Cash

Luckydog1 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 7:53 PM
Dr. Adams point T CC was simple. If you will not support those who stand for what you are supposed to believe in then you are not worth supporting. Maybe you missed it.
You and the millions of non-voters need to come to the realization that government for the most part is not a positive force in today's society. There is no getting around it. That's the way it is and it is not going to change. But rather than wishing for it to not be that way you need to support those who make it less diatasteful. Not voting supports Dems. Not a single Repubican voted for Obamacare Not a single Republican voted for the stimulus package. Republicans wanted to beef up support in Benghazi. Hillary denied it Republicans wanted IRS documents to expose tyrany. Holder refused Republicans (Bush) wanted Black Pantehr voter intimidation prosecuted. Holder dismissed it Republicans wanted Fast and Furious invetigated. Holder refused. Republicans to a man voted for Keystone Pipeline. There is still a difference and in the above issues they are pretty stark. If the Dems were not in power all these things would have change and many more to numerous to mention. You non-voters could have made it different. But you are too concerned about returning to a smaller, better government that will not exist anytime in the future, So instead you supportthe greater of two evils. Hard to imagine. .
So you're overbearing reason you won't vote is you do not want the Republicans to pretend your vote is for their support? Really??? Wow.
When are Democrats going to see the light? Yes, the "Sky is Falling" mantras worked for awhile, but after so many chrisis that didn't happen people are wising up to all the empty democrat doom and gloom. Gruber was wrong. Most American voters are not stupid, but too many were ignorant or uncaring. Thanks to empty liberal threats of Republican evil that is starting to change.
There it is. Liberalism at its core. This act is sensitive and from the heart. We won't worry about or consider the consequesnces of these actions. It's only important that we feel good.
More gun free zone victims. One CCW would have put a quicker end to this.
Why is this a surprise to anyone? Jay is a nice guy, but he's a liberal. Liberals rely on emotion, not common sense. Thus, he is easily initimidated by any liberal wanting to make him look like a bad guy. He has no courage to stand up to any pressure from Bloomberg. He has done this throughout his life.
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