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Yes, the blacks do indeed still have major struggles to overcome....Sharpton...Jackson....Obama...
You need to engage your brain before starting up your typing fingers. The vast majority on this site have labeled all previous amnesty programs as bad for the country.
Hey, you finally said something correct. Not giving them amnesty won't make them disappear. Depoerting them will.
Totally agree Eddie.
So you think the simple human mind (yours) which cannot answer the vast majority of questions about our universe, i.e. can't comprehend a start or an end to a universe because of an incapability to explain infinity think that they can just announce there is no God. You don't even think that's possible? But now scientists are staring to formulate a possible 11 connected universes and time differences on different planes? Yet you think God is impossible? Your brain can formulate and prove that? I didn't write exist, I wrote "Possible" .
You're a typical liberal moron, putting the utmost importance in a person's career as a singer, actress rather than how they treat their family and friends and what they have done to lead a moral and worthy life of helping others. Maybe she has but those aren't the things you are judging her on. So you look up to celebrities: atheletes, actors, artists that you don't even know, for their success in their careers, having no idea what they are really like. Those are your heroes. Typical liberal..
Cher has accomplished one thing. She has proven that a complete airhead can become a successful singer/actor.
He just carrries his dog's license.
So he won't say radical islam or Islamic terrorism is because the majority of the 1.5 million in the Muslim community don't want him to, and to add, he doesn't give a rats that the vast majority of the 225 million in the Christian community wants him to. He's a hollow shell of a man, a PC empty suit, and a despicable coward.
No sympathy from me. When New Yorkers vote for people like Cuomo and DeBlasio they are getting what they deserve. I do feel for the non Cuomo/Deblasio voters but it appears there will never be enough of them in NY. Time to move.
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