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Max Allen: Chief Divisiveness Officer

Luckydog1 Wrote: 19 hours ago (10:00 AM)
Dr. Adams did not use his tenure to defend himself. He used the court, and won.
Those of us who wrote about warnings of electing Obama know who's fault this all is. This is what America it has come to thanks to the stupidity, selfishness and ignorance of the Obama voters. And to this day most of them are too stupid or ignorant to know what they've done.
Doctor, I admire you and your views, but what you are proposing is too late. Too many Americans don't even know what the strong values and principles are that you are proposing we embrace again. And as for becoming informed voters again, that ship has sailed.
Henry, I couldn't agree more.
Henry, I think the problem is still the same in this instance. Polls show more Millennials are independents than either Republican or Democrat. They have trouble making commitments and definitive decisions. Over 60% of them voted both times for Obama but only 49% were happy with his performance. 36% consider themselves religious but 29% of them say they are unafilliated with a religion. And only 26% of Millennials 18-32 are married. I guess my point is they have many contradicting opinions. For example 47% of their children are born out of wedlock, but 60% consider this bad, There are some good strong points about them, but those seem to be negated by so many bad ones. They appear t be a very confused generation.
Since when do Millennials have a definitive opinion on anything? Their education consists of making sure they feel good about themselves rather than being judged on accomplishment. They are ignorant of American History and American values. Their view of major problems this country faces is that they will "eventually correct themselves" and everything will be alright. They should be called the Lost Generation.
And then they will invite him to give the commencement address.
Obama spins and lies about everything. And the only reason he gets away with it is because of the ignorant and lazy attitude of the American People as a whole. All the terrible programs and related problems of this country are there because we elected an incompetent narcissist and let it happen.
Obama continues to employ incompetent people in every key agency and the majority of Americans continue to ignore this President's incompetence and failures.
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