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Well said William.
All this doesn't matter to Sharpton and his minions. He will continue to gin up the story in hopes to enrage people enough to hit the srteets again and destroy businesses, most of which are black owned. His ilk seem to be OK with eating their own. They are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. Ever wonder why more blacks don't follow the philosophies of people like Carson, Sowell and Williams? If someone has an answer I'd like to hear it.
Forget the question. if you reserach yourself you'll find it was only yhe Republican button that was a "calibration error." Imagine that. Anymore questions?
And then there was outrage from concerned American voters in Illinois as they demanded accountability becuase they care about what is happening to their country....oh wait, no there was not.
We will have to be attacked in a major way through the border before they do anything. Yesterday an attack in Canada. Today we beef up DC. Notice how this government always acts after the fact.?
This isn't about not having a concert. Yes, some veterans are being hired, but I hear they are falling way short of their goal. In any case, there are more than 10,000 veterans in Arlington. They above all, deserve to have people wishing to visit them having decent transportaion.
His final step in the solution to insure America has a one party system - Democrat. Congratulations America, you have brought yourself down.
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Max Allen: Chief Divisiveness Officer

Luckydog1 Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 10:00 AM
Dr. Adams did not use his tenure to defend himself. He used the court, and won.
Those of us who wrote about warnings of electing Obama know who's fault this all is. This is what America it has come to thanks to the stupidity, selfishness and ignorance of the Obama voters. And to this day most of them are too stupid or ignorant to know what they've done.
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