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The United Kingdom Throws Down the Gauntlet with a Strong Entry in the Government Stupidity Contest

LtScrounge Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 3:32 PM
And which political party has people slashing tires on the opposition party's get out the vote buses (google it. It was a Dem party county official's son and his friends who went to jail.) Which political party routinely uses union thugs to rough up people asking uncomfortable questions at townhall meetings? You can find the videos on Youtube. Which party advocates euthanasia? Abortion? Elimination of religion? Gun Control? Thought control (What else can you call "hate crimes" legislation) Censorship? (Political correctness) ALL of which were part of the party platform of the Nazis.

I periodically compare moronic decisions and policies by governments in the United States and United Kingdom. You can peruse some jaw-dropping examples by clicking this link.

To show that politicians and bureaucrats don’t have a monopoly on stupidity, I’ve also shared a pair of examples that expose foolishness in the private sector.