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Ninth Circuit Court Gets One Right

LtScrounge Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 12:40 PM
The 9th Circus Court of Appeals is only overturned a little over 90% of the time. That means they get 1 out of every 12 decisions right. Sort of like a broken clock. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Once a day if it's digital.

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco has a well-earned reputation as the hippiest, dippiest, most-reversed appellate court in these United States.

It’s where the Pledge of Allegiance gets scrutinized for possible eradication, at least, the “under God” part. But every so often, the Court gets something right.

On December 22, a unanimous Ninth Circuit panel reversed a federal district judge’s order to evict the Boy Scouts from their longtime camp and local headquarters in San Diego’s Balboa Park. The ruling came in a case filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 2001...