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Fighting Crime with a Vodka Bottle in Place of a Gun

LtScrounge Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 11:33 AM
I think every liberal politician should go through the same instructional period that the Cleveland City Councilman did a couple of years ago. Out with his wife and child, he was held up by a pair of knife wielding Obamao voters. He quickly came to the realization that there was absolutely NOTHING that he could do to prevent the miscreants from harming his wife and child. The epiphany that having a weapon could've been the difference between watching his wife and child being molested and being able to protect them changed his attitude significantly about private ownership of handguns and concealed carry.

It happens probably nightly. A citizen fights off a criminal in order to protect his property. But it doesn't always make the nightly news. In this case it did.   


How much easier and safer would have been this takedown of a punk in New York City if the clerk had been equipped with a hand gun rather than just a vodka bottle?  How much less of a burden to the taxpayer too, who will now have to incarcerate the criminal?

And just think of chilling effect it would have on criminals if shootings of miscreants during crimes like this were on the nightly...