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I had an NCO who spoke almost no English and went to basic with a number of Puerto Ricans who spoke little English. This was a basic training for people intending on becoming officers and they were unable to communicate effectively in English. I almost got into a fist fight with one because he and his pals had decided to go clubbing instead of helping prepare the barracks for inspection. They were horrible at everything and constantly got the platoon in trouble. They were also as much of a hazard at the rifle range as the inner city Rambos who simply didn't understand that instruction to remove the magazine, lock the bolt to the rear and place your weapon on the stake next to your firing position wasn't a polite suggestion. One wannabe commando almost killed a drill instructor.
Did you NOT read the article? It clearly shows that the House HAS been passing legislation and the Dems in control of the Senate won't even allow it to be brought to the floor for debate or a vote. If the legislation coming out of the House were so bad, it shouldn't be able to stand up to debate or have a prayer of passing in a vote. Harry Reid is more concerned with protecting his Dem majority than he is in actually what he was elected to do, namely legislate. Harry Reid KNOWS that he can't defend the Dem position on the legislation coming out of the House, so he is simply refusing to allow it to come up for discussion. He's the one obstructing the flow of legislation, NOT the Republicans in the House.
And exactly how did the people who own the factories avoid paying those exact same taxes and probably a whole lot more? Your argument is stupid. You don't own the roads, they are PUBLIC roads paid for by EVERYONE. EVERYONE is allowed to use them. Odds are REALLY good that you paid a LOT less towards constructing those roads than the guys who built the factories, same goes for the schools. So if anything the guys who have become wealthy and paid much higher taxes as a result, should be busting your chops for driving on the roads that THEY paid for, or sending your kids to the schools that THEY paid for. Last time I checked, guys working hourly wage jobs weren't the ones setting up endowments for colleges, or hospitals, it was the guys who owned the factories that those hourly workers got paid by. BTW when a small business has cash flow problems, the boss is normally the first guy to miss a paycheck. I worked for one small accounting firm when the owner first broke with his old partners and he was paying salaries for months from a home equity line of credit on his house. Of Course Elizabeth Warren wouldn't know sh!t about how business actually works, she's never actually worked in one. She's lived in her sheltered little world of academia without fear of losing her job, or having to actually produce anything for her adult life. It's time to pass a Constitutional amendment preventing life long academics from serving in government. They simply are too out of touch with the real world.
The Dorian Gray syndrome makes sense. I thought it was just a botox drip.
The Catholic Church should simply excommunicate her and every Democrat politician. Once they are publicly excommunicated, the Catholic parishioners will feel no obligation to vote for them, and the truly devout ones will vote against them.
Nah, there are better options in the area. Davis Monthan AFB is in Tucson. They keep a lot of helicopters there that don't show up on radar very well, if you know what I mean. Nothing says you're in the wrong airspace like a heat seeker up the exhaust from a chopper you didn't even know was there. On the other side of the state is Marine Air Station Yuma. They've got planes that can do a pizza run to Tucson and make the Domino's 30 minute window. Of course outside of Phoenix is Luke AFB where the F16 school is. Those boys can make Tucson in under 10 minutes. They could leave Luke when the Mexican choppers are 5 minutes from the border and shoot them before they could get back across.
Give her a couple of more years and she won't care if they fire her, she'll have a lifetime pension sewn up. Funny how idiots like this get a pension after 5 years but veterans don't get a dime unless they're in for 20 or seriously injured during service.
When Obamao actually gets a job and learns how to run something other than his mouth, he might learn something about economics and business. I doubt it but one can always hope. Of course with his multi million dollar books deals and what will certainly idiotically high speaking fees (you know like the dead broke Clintons get) he'll never have to actually hold a real job.
Okay, so the law was broken by an IRS employee. When is the FBI going to investigate who is responsible and frog march them out of the IRS building for arraignment and prosecution? Not under this administration would be my guess.
Hey, I like that idea. I'd LOVE a 6 figure income for a job I only had to work 8 hours a week and have 4 months of the year off with pay. Especially since I'd be able to take one of those year long paid vacations called a sabbatical every so many years. Considering the level of cognitive ability of some Political Science Phds that I've spoken with, I'm at least as well qualified to prepare skulls full of mush (as Rush Limbaugh calls them) for their future careers flipping burgers as most of the current professors, probably more so since I've actually worked in the real world instead of academia and I know that you don't get ahead working a 40 hour work week.
Most bureaucrats go into government service because they lack the skills to make it in the private sector. They go into the public sector because once there, they are almost impossible to get rid of and will get raises and bonuses without having to do anything to earn them.
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