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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

LtScrounge Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 10:49 AM
By restricting access through legal means, they can drive up their profits on illegal items.
Sinema is a political operative protege of Janet Napolitano. She has NEVER been anything other than a political operative. She started as a student at ASU and has never entered the workforce.
How about we require Holder to wear a bracelet that sends 100,000 volts into his wrist every time he says something unconstitutional, stupid or false? I realize that the first couple of sets of batteries wouldn't last more than a few minutes each, but I'm willing to chip in for a couple of sets just for the joy of watching him being effectively tazered every few seconds.
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More Fraudulent Science From EPA

LtScrounge Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 10:35 AM
The EPA isn't about science or the environment, it's about pushing an agenda that will drive the average standard of living for an American to the third world level. If Townhall ever posted what the "leaders" of the environmentalist movement say in their private conferences and explained the implications in real people terms, a lot of anti gun professors and bureaucrats would start sleeping with a gun under their pillows and carrying one on them at all times. One professor Emeritus at Stanford said that their ultimate goal should be "to seek enforced poverty". Another high and mighty academic said that providing the people with "abundant affordable energy was like handing a 6 yr old a machine gun". These are the people that you are paying thousands of dollars a year to educate (indoctrinate) your college student children. Of course since they all have tenure, you can't fire any of them, so they'll never know what poverty is. If they get their way, we will. When it gets bad enough, they will deny any responsibility. As for Gina, she should've been indicted and tried for her incompetence in her last position in the EPA. She allowed a man to collect a paycheck and abuse his government credit card for over a decade without him showing up for work for months on end because he claimed to be a CIA spook. The government finally caught and prosecuted him for fraud. They promoted her to a position where her incompetence could impact even more people.
At the time of the Obamacare decision, there were suddenly legal inquiries about the legal status of his adopted children. It seems that it would've been illegal for him to adopt the children from their Irish mothers through an Irish court, but the mothers flew to a central American country to give birth and arranged the adoptions through the courts there. Someone high up in the Irish government suddenly got VERY interested in whether this was legal under Irish law for some reason. They hadn't said anything about it for over 5 years, but suddenly when Obamacare comes up for a decision, the Irish government begins investigating the adoptions. While you can't prove that any extortion took place, the fact that the investigation started about a week before the decision came down and then disappeared the week after the decision certainly indicates that something was probably going on. It's the whole if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.
This was NEVER about providing insurance to anyone, it was about forcing the collapse of the private insurance providers causing the people to demand a government single payer option.
Only low level liberals put principles before profits. Since they never have the opportunity (because of their own ignorance) to reap the true rewards of profits, they simply aren't attracted to them. Upper level liberals put profits before principles almost every time. While some of the very richest of liberals will give big flashy donations to liberal causes, that's just window dressing to keep the low level libs supporting their goods and services and thereby improving their profits. While Warren Buffett may publicly donate money to a group fighting the Keystone XL pipeline, he is privately making millions in profit from his shares in the railroads that are being used to transport the oil until the pipeline is built. The difference between a rich liberal and a rich conservative is that a rich liberal doesn't understand that rich people get rich by creating wealth not stealing it from someone else. Therefore a rich liberal tries to tilt the playing field as much in his favor as possible. A rich conservative tries to keep the playing field level for all players and works to out perform his competitors.
I've been advocating changing the name of capital punishment to "state funded post term abortion" for years. I'd love to see the pro death crowd (The opposite of life is death not choice. You don't make life or choice decisions, you make life or death ones.)squirm out of that one. They seem to be the same one fighting tooth and nail to keep the lowest scum on the planet alive while doing the same to prevent completely innocent babies from ever being born. To the twits who say as a male I shouldn't have a say in it, I'm the child of an unwed 15 yr old and am damn glad they didn't have abortion in 1962. You could say I have a vested interest in giving others they chance that I had. I wonder how many liberals would support Planned Parenthood if they realized it was started by a racist eugenicist for the purpose of controlling the black population? Or that her writings on Eugenics were the inspiration for the Nazis ethnic purity policies?
I'll lay odds that they leave out the part about Cesar Chavez advocating that American farm workers use baseball bats on illegal aliens to encourage them to stay in their own countries. Anyone want to take that bet? I'll lay odds (somewhat lower ones) that they don't even mention that Chavez was anti illegal alien at all because he knew that illegal aliens drove down wages and increased unemployment by taking the jobs Americans would do. Since the liberals would NEVER tell the truth about THAT, I doubt I'll have any takers but I'll be happy to take people's money if they believe a Mexican film maker would tell the truth about illegal aliens HURTING the US farm worker, or any US worker in any field for that matter.
Yes, but it only needs slightly more urban renewal than Pompeii after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius though.
Unfortunately starting with the letter "L" isn't the only thing that locusts and liberals have in common.
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