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The Dorian Gray syndrome makes sense. I thought it was just a botox drip.
The Catholic Church should simply excommunicate her and every Democrat politician. Once they are publicly excommunicated, the Catholic parishioners will feel no obligation to vote for them, and the truly devout ones will vote against them.
Nah, there are better options in the area. Davis Monthan AFB is in Tucson. They keep a lot of helicopters there that don't show up on radar very well, if you know what I mean. Nothing says you're in the wrong airspace like a heat seeker up the exhaust from a chopper you didn't even know was there. On the other side of the state is Marine Air Station Yuma. They've got planes that can do a pizza run to Tucson and make the Domino's 30 minute window. Of course outside of Phoenix is Luke AFB where the F16 school is. Those boys can make Tucson in under 10 minutes. They could leave Luke when the Mexican choppers are 5 minutes from the border and shoot them before they could get back across.
Give her a couple of more years and she won't care if they fire her, she'll have a lifetime pension sewn up. Funny how idiots like this get a pension after 5 years but veterans don't get a dime unless they're in for 20 or seriously injured during service.
When Obamao actually gets a job and learns how to run something other than his mouth, he might learn something about economics and business. I doubt it but one can always hope. Of course with his multi million dollar books deals and what will certainly idiotically high speaking fees (you know like the dead broke Clintons get) he'll never have to actually hold a real job.
Okay, so the law was broken by an IRS employee. When is the FBI going to investigate who is responsible and frog march them out of the IRS building for arraignment and prosecution? Not under this administration would be my guess.
Hey, I like that idea. I'd LOVE a 6 figure income for a job I only had to work 8 hours a week and have 4 months of the year off with pay. Especially since I'd be able to take one of those year long paid vacations called a sabbatical every so many years. Considering the level of cognitive ability of some Political Science Phds that I've spoken with, I'm at least as well qualified to prepare skulls full of mush (as Rush Limbaugh calls them) for their future careers flipping burgers as most of the current professors, probably more so since I've actually worked in the real world instead of academia and I know that you don't get ahead working a 40 hour work week.
Most bureaucrats go into government service because they lack the skills to make it in the private sector. They go into the public sector because once there, they are almost impossible to get rid of and will get raises and bonuses without having to do anything to earn them.
Well the more liberals that we can keep from breeding the better. Unfortunately the welfare leech class will continue to breed as long as each additional mouth for the taxpayers to feed comes with an increase in their monthly EBT allotment.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

LtScrounge Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 7:23 PM
That is exactly what I expect to happen. It is the reason why impeaching Obamao isn't the answer. A special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the fraud that Sheriff Arpaio's cold case posse has found in Obamao's documentation and subpoena's for the rest of them are needed. THEN once ALL of the documentation is on the table, Obamao will be forced to either release his records or go to prison for election fraud as will Joe Biden, San Fran Nancy Pelosi, and Dingy Harry Reid since the two of them swore to his eligibility. It will be a "we have evidence that proves you are guilty, unless of course you would like to release your records and thereby clear yourself of all charges" situation. Once the Republicans gain control of the Senate, they will be able to pass the legislation needed to appoint that special prosecutor, and possibly even order Obamao and Biden's detention by the military until the case is cleared up.
Personally, I would rather have a crop duster de-flea them with large quantities of the flea powder used on cats. Dog flea powder wouldn't be nearly as effective against this crowd of parasites. Funny how Amanda Peet's protesting for gun control after playing a less than successful assassin in two Bruce Willis comedies.
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