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The response time is certainly faster. 850 feet per second exceeds the speed of the best cruiser on the market by hundreds of miles per hour.
They fail to realize that they are what are considered "useful idiots" and once the opposition is eliminated, they will be as well. BTW I do believe the phrase "Useful idiots" was coined by Vladimir Illyich Lenin, I didn't come up with it. I wouldn't have been that polite.
It has been found that some thieves are actually watching parking lots outside of stores that disallow guns to watch for people disarming before entering. I walked across a hot parking lot to the Ikea in Tempe, AZ one day with my concealed handgun. When I got to the door and saw that my sidearm wasn't welcomed there, I walked back to my car. The walk was so tiring and thirst inducing that I decided to get in my car and go get a drink. That was over 6 years ago and I haven't been back. It was a hot July day and I got really thirsty.
I couldn't tell you how many times I carried my legally concealed handgun into a Fry's in the Phoenix area, but considering it was almost daily for years, the number had to be pretty high.
Honestly if Burress had stayed in Pittsburgh, he'd have been slapped with a fine for publicly discharging a firearm (a misdemeanor) and told not to do it again. His Florida concealed carry permit was valid in PA. It just wasn't valid in either the People's Republik of NY, or its satellite Republik of New Jersey.
Kroger has a number of subsidiary chains such that they probably have one in your market. Their chains include Fry's, King Sooper, and Food 4 Less among others. Funny but the Fry's Electronics chain does have a no guns allowed policy, so maybe Kroger didn't buy the Electronics chain. Of course, with a good holster and proper attire, a properly concealed handgun is pretty much invisible until you need it.
Do you mean like the college economics professors that after reviewing the impact and costs of the FDRs programs came to the conclusion that they actually EXTENDED the length of the Great Depression by a number of years? Or do you mean the 100% cost increase, aka tobacco surcharge, that is being tacked on to anyone who has used any tobacco product in the last 2 years to fund the repeated trips to rehab for all of the junkies or to the mental hospital for the nut cases, or just the 30-40% increases that many people are seeing tacked onto their premiums for those same mandated coverages, including maternity coverage for SINGLE MALES!!! As for the "Fast and Furious" Benghazi and IRS scandals being investigated, the only thing that has been proven is that the administration will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out to include claiming executive privilege over communications that the president denied seeing, and illegally destroying documents AND the hard drives containing them. That would be considered obstruction of justice if anyone else did it. Scooter Libby was convicted of a felony for forgetting what date he spoke to someone on in testimony related to an investigation that he wasn't even a party to, nor should he have been called to testify in. It was a fishing expedition designed to smear someone in the Bush administration, no matter what it took. No actual laws were broken, the prosecutor knew that AND he knew who had leaked Plame's name to the press BEFORE even talking to Libby, so there was absolutely no reason for him to even be questioned.
Parachute airdrop. With or without the chutes works for me.
Obamao knows that his policies are heading this country towards an economic collapse. That has been his plan all along. He learned the Cloward/Piven strategy directly from those who wrote it during his time at Columbia. He couldn't get enough Americans out of work and on welfare to collapse the system, so he's importing as many illiterate foreign nationals as possible to further over strain it. He KNOWS that the uneducated or highly indoctrinated lower classes will support his policies of economic destruction because they lack the critical thinking skills, moral compass and empathy to understand that what his policies will do is destroy their chance of a life outside of poverty. They will rally to his banner of "social justice" (versus REAL justice) never realizing that a rising tide raises all boats, while a waning one lowers them all as well. They will not fall as far as the middle class, but the middle class will be destroyed. With the middle, working and lower classes ending up in abject poverty while the wealthy (including Obamao) and their minions will pick the bones clean before tossing them to the rest of us. Where there plans come to a screeching halt is the fact that the US populace is armed and enough of them are willing to fight back to the point that any form of enforcement of unacceptable government policies will result in an armed confrontation. Cliven Bundy's cattle proved that. Even the Dept of Homeland Security is predicting a rise in anti government violence. What they are not considering is that THEY are the ones precipitating the violence. THEY are the ones showing up armed like they are raiding a house in Fallujah, instead of acting like PEACE OFFICERS. Quite a few people could've been hurt at the Bundy Ranch, but it was the government who trained firearms on law abiding citizens FIRST. They were fine with denying people their Constitutional rights, but they didn't like being on the other end of the firearm. Had one of them tripped and fallen during their little backwards scuttle to the SUVs and accidentally fired his weapon, the entire SWAT team would've been shredded like cabbage, and more than a couple of citizens would've lost their lives as well. As much as I hate to say it, perhaps a few Bundy standoffs wherein the police end up shredded with gun fire are what is needed to convince the government that they need to respect the document that created it, aka the US Constitution.
So basically, Holder and Obamao are both cancers that need to be excised.
Or take extraordinarily expensive vacations with his daughters friends as guests.
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