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What so few gun control sycophants (minions, not the main proponents) don't realize is that gun control has nothing to do with guns or crime, it is about CONTROL. No tyrant can take control as long as the people are armed with at least something approximating parity with the infantry man on the ground. You can't oppress and subjugate a people who are armed. Disarming the people has been the calling card of tyrannical regimes for the entire breadth of human history. Our founding fathers knew that. They were MUCH smarter than the current bunch in DC, and put the Second Amendment into the Constitution for just that reason. One stated that "when the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government, you have tyranny." and another said that "the primary purpose for the Second Amendment is to insure that the people retain the ability to defend themselves against those who would impose tyranny upon them, INCLUDING THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT." Thomas Jefferson wrote that "The Beauty of the Second Amendment was that it wouldn't be needed until they (the government) come to take it." Few people realize that the battles at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge were about gun control. The government was trying to take the stores of gun powder, shot and a cannon that the colonists had stockpiled and the colonists responded with a resounding "Not no, but HeII NO."
I will be more than happy to help you out on that one. I have room for a couple more long guns in mine. I spent my Christmas gun money on a new compact 9mm. I need to renew my permit and Texas won't let you carry a semi auto if you took the shooting test with a revolver, so the 357 snubby has to stay in the safe that day. Nothing says "You're having a really bad day" quite like staring down the barrel of a .357 that you can see the hollow points in the cylinder. But then again, 15+1 rounds of 9mm in a pistol that can use the same 16 round magazines as my full sized 9mm isn't a bad thing either AND no neither of them are Glocks. Glocks aren't bad, they just don't fit my stubby fingers very well. CZ 75s on the other hand aren't called the most ergonomic 9mm on the market by accident. I spent half of last night cutting the leather for a holster for it. I'll basket weave and stitch it all together when I get home from work tonight. Working two jobs isn't fun, but it does fund the purchase of new toys.
Under the Geneva Conventions, they would've been classified as unlawful combatants and subject to immediate execution after their status was determined by a military tribunal convened by the theater commander. THAT is what the applicable law says should've been done with them. I've been for enforcing the law of land warfare against them since the beginning. Instead we've had liberals screaming that they are supposed to be afforded the same protections under the Constitution as US citizens even when they aren't. I would say that their little stay in the sunny confines of Gitmo, complete with its brand new multiple hundred thousand dollar soccer field, gourmet culturally sensitive meals and world class medical care was probably an improvement in their standard of living. I really think that you are right. We should've saved ourselves the billions of dollars that have been wasted on these bags of human excrement and simply tried them, sentenced them and then shot them as is called for in the Geneva Conventions.
The proper method of dealing with them is to follow the Geneva Conventions. The Geneva Conventions provide for the treatment of combatants on a battle field. There are two types of combatants on a battlefield, lawful combatants and unlawful combatants. Any combatant found to be in violation of the Geneva Conventions on the laws of land warfare is considered an unlawful combatant and is subject to immediate execution once status as an unlawful combatant has been established by a military tribunal convened by the local theater commander. In order to be recognized as a lawful combatant, combatants must wear recognizable uniforms, carry a suitable form of identification (ID CARD) showing which army that they are with, carry their weapons openly while engaging in combat, be subject to a recognized chain of command and not engage in targeting (not necessarily killing as collateral damage always occurs in war) non military targets. Since the Gitmo detainees do not carry ID, wear uniforms, and frequently attack civilians, they are all unlawful combatants and as such are subject to immediate execution. While the Marines 100 years ago wouldn't have thought twice about executing these war criminals via firing squad, some of today's modern Marines might be a bit squeamish about it. Therefore, I recommend that they be taken to the flight deck of the nearest air craft carrier, transported to international waters, and then released on their own recognizance, directly off the end of the flight deck. They should have just enough time between stepping off the flight deck and going "Splash" to scream "Allahu Akbar". Once all of the remaining prisoners have been released from custody, the prison will no longer be needed. It's a win-win for everyone involved. Idiot liberals get the prisoners released. The prisoners get to go to Allah, and the people with functioning brains don't have to worry about the prisoners returning to the battlefield. We can even be culturally sensitive about it and point the aircraft carrier east and do it at dawn so that they can follow their morning prayers with a nice refreshing morning swim.
The entire "gun show loophole" argument is pure nonsense. There is no "gun show loophole". Any DEALER selling a firearm HAS to conduct his business at the gun show exactly as he would at his brick and mortar location. The legal ramifications of even one firearm sale not being conducted properly are staggering. When the liberals start screaming about a "Gun Show Loophole" they are actually talking about regulating sales between private individuals. They are so ignorant that they don't even know that the law states that anyone knowingly providing a firearm to a prohibited person is already committing a felony. The guy who sold the Columbine shooters the Tec 9 pistol went to federal prison for a couple of years for selling a handgun to a person under the age of 21.
Actually she resigned in order to prevent being recalled. By resigning, she allowed Governor Chickenpooper to appoint a Democrat to her seat. IF she had been recalled, a Republican would've gotten her seat and the Dems would've lost control of the State Senate. She WAS facing a recall but took the coward's way out and resigned to avoid having to defend her record to the voters.
They have found a clue, but are against acting on it since it goes against the very fiber of their beings to support a Republican. The UMWA, for the first time in the last 40+ years refused to endorse the Democrat candidate for president in 2012. The wouldn't endorse Romney, nor would they endorse any other Republican candidate for any office, but they flat out stated that they were not going to endorse Obamao.
Unfortunately, they never will either. They have become a nation of mostly unarmed sheep. The US has not, though we have a number of areas that are potentially very good targets for this kind of attacks because the politicians are more afraid of the people being armed than they are of them being killed by the criminals who aren't going to obey the gun laws.
It's actually worse than just going golfing. They're diverting limited resources from hunting real terrorists to harassing patriots who oppose their programs of domestic waste, their actions to undermine the Constitution and their profligate deficit spending.
The response time is certainly faster. 850 feet per second exceeds the speed of the best cruiser on the market by hundreds of miles per hour.
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