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Seriously. With the cost of subsidies that are going to be needed to cover that additional coverage, we could've built a lot of mental health facilities to treat people who need it but can't afford it.
Of course they hate the Second Amendment. It is the only thing in the Constitution that effectively stops them from subjugating the citizenry. While I doubt that they are truly smart enough to figure that out on their own, one of the founding fathers plainly stated such. I believe the wording was that the primary purpose of the second amendment was to insure that the people retain the ability to protect themselves from those that would impose tyranny upon them, INCLUDING THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. You know like forcing people to buy health insurance coverages that they don't want or need. Exactly why does EVERYONE have to pay for in patient drug rehab coverage when illegal drug use is currently a CRIME? Wouldn't it be more cost effective to go back to the state mental health hospital model that worked for decades rather than forcing people who don't want it to buy mental health in patient coverage?
I would recommend a single shot 12 gauge safety. Once they insert the muzzle into their mouths, they can activate the safety by pulling the trigger. Doing so will immediately prevent them from ever making another stupid comment about gun safety.
The gun grabbers also skew their statistics by including 18 and 19 yr old adults in the list of teens. These "teens" are old enough to carry a weapon for Uncle Sam in foreign combat zones, but not old enough under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (passed during the height of the Vietnam War no less!) to legally purchase a handgun in this country. So if it is already illegal for them to purchase them, and has been since some of their grandparents were in diapers, how is another law going to make it even more illegal? BTW, if an individual sells a firearm to someone under aged, that person can be charged with a felony. While the shotgun that Klebold and Harris used at Columbine was purchased legally, the pistol was not because neither one was 21. The person who sold it to them was sent to prison for 3 years for selling a handgun to someone under 21.
8 million have gotten coverage through Obamacare sounds impressive, at least to someone who doesn't realize that 30+ million LOST their coverage due to Obamacare. When the employer mandate that Obamao has repeatedly and illegally delayed for political reasons goes into effect, that number will rise exponentially as will unemployment when it becomes impossible for companies to provide pay and benefits that exceed the revenues that the employee generates. For the few Obamao supporters who are actually working in real jobs, how's that hopey/changey thing working out for you? Do you like your lowered standard of living or are you looking forward to the skyrocketing energy and food prices that Obamao's policies have assured will occur? Higher prices that you will have to pay out of an even smaller paycheck as taxes go up to support the government employees and welfare recipients who are the Democrat base.
And historically THAT will lead to the economic collapse that causes the next armed revolt.
I second that.
Raising the minimum wage will INCREASE unemployment among the lower skilled employees. Forced use of E-verify and sanctions on companies that refuse to abide by the law and continue to employ illegal aliens, combined with getting rid of the anchor baby rule (they are NOT US citizens as their parents are NOT fully subject to the jurisdiction of the US as is evident every time one of them is arrested and immediately calls the nearest consulate for help). and eliminate ALL social welfare benefits for illegal aliens and put time limits on how long people are allowed to stay on it who are US citizens.
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

LtScrounge Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 10:49 AM
By restricting access through legal means, they can drive up their profits on illegal items.
Sinema is a political operative protege of Janet Napolitano. She has NEVER been anything other than a political operative. She started as a student at ASU and has never entered the workforce.
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