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If you want to see the end result of Obamao's plans and programs, look at Zimbabwe. Under Mugabe it has gone from a food exporter to having a population on the verge of starvation. Winston Churchill said that the pity of capitalism was the unequal distribution of wealth, but that the pity of communism was the equal distribution of poverty. If we don't shut down these wannabe aristocrats and their sycophant bureaucrats, we will all be forced into poverty. What few in the news are covering is the ongoing racket that the EPA is playing with the DoJ and the Envirowhackos. Idiots at the EPA are encouraging Econazi groups (that receive federal grant money no less) to sue the EPA to create regulations that won't pass through Congress. The DoJ, instead of defending the suits, settles the suit with the econazis for exactly what the EPA has told them to demand. That way the EPA can impose regulations without debate, public comments, or congressional oversight because it is a court order that doesn't even come to light until after the fact. Hopefully a Republican President will name a special prosecutor to go after all involved including the EPA bureaucrats, the DoJ attorneys, and the Ecowhackos on RICO charges that will allow them to not only overturn the settlements, but also strip the involved individuals of ALL of the personal possessions under the civil forfeiture laws.
While I agree with your assessment, it's not going to happen for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the mental agility of the inhabitants of most of our inner cities. They have been fed a steady diet of BS for decades about how their poverty is not their fault and have developed an animosity towards anyone who tries to tell them otherwise. Trying to remove Obamao from the White House would simply cause the race war that they have been attempting to promulgate for decades. They have caused rioting in many major cities and have produced a generation of violent uneducated criminals (really a shame since they didn't need to end up that way) that think nothing of violently assaulting or murdering someone over the smallest perceived slight. Any attempt to remove Obamao from office would have the race baiters out in force ginning up a race war that would inevitably result in thousands, if not millions, dying and almost certainly the implementation of Martial Law. Seeing as the incarceration, trials and executions would take so long to carry out, Obamao (as Commander in Chief) could effectively become the Marxist dictator that has been his goal all along by having Holder and Johnson at DHS detain without any due process those who had stood against him. In fact, the only thing preventing him from doing that at this moment, courtesy of a section of the NDAA that he insisted be included is that it would result in an armed revolt and he doesn't have the means to quell it at the moment. Martial law would have to be declared first so that he can shut down the communication networks sufficiently as to prevent word of his actions from being spread and a resistance formed. A sufficiently large enough race war would accomplish that. Basically at this point in time, all that we can do is vote for as many conservatives as possible in November and try to gain enough control of the Senate as to be able to push bills through to stop his actions.
This nitwit got off with a lightweight plea deal just like Sandy Berger did because the person giving her the deal was a liberal too. Here's a quick lesson on those tweets. If you look at the date time stamp, you can see when they were tweeted. While a couple of them MAY have been during a lunch break, the rest were obviously done during normal working hours and therefore were illegal.
That was supposed to be internment, but my fingers missed a key, though interment (or more likely cremation ala Auschwitz) would also be needed eventually.
Obamao's good buddy and political mentor Bill Ayres even advocated the interment and extermination of tens of MILLIONS of die hard capitalists in the 60s.
Very nicely written, though I would say that you forgot one small, but very important, part of the Declaration. You failed to finish the sentence wherein the authors (primarily Thomas Jefferson) said that people not only have the right to throw off a repressive government but the responsibility to do so. I would have to believe that Jefferson would say that we are remiss in our acceptance of that responsibility and that the tree of liberty is parched. Jefferson wrote that as long as the government is afraid of the people you have liberty, when the people fear the government you have tyranny. He also stated that to force a man to pay for something with his tax dollars that he would not willing support otherwise is tyranny. Under that description, we have been living under an increasing repressive tyranny since the passage of the 17th Amendment.
Scabies is a pain in the butt. WAY too easy to get (I got them from a hotel that was being "Green" by not washing their sheets nightly. This IS a MAJOR chain and NOT Motel 6 or some super economy chain. It took TWO doctors and 6 months for someone to figure out what was causing the rash. In that time, my sofa and mattress had become so infested that they had to be disposed of. Thousands of dollars out the window because some idiot at a hotel chain decided they wanted to save a few gallons of water. Bombing the house took care of the carpet. Numerous VERY expensive throw rugs had be be deloused repeatedly in order to get rid of not only the active lice but the eggs as well. The good news (if there is any) is that scabies can be eliminated easily if it is caught early enough using generic, over the counter, lice shampoo like a body wash. Follow the instructions and wash it off after about 10 minutes. The shampoo is poison so don't leave it on your skin any longer than necessary to eliminate the problem.
I had an NCO who spoke almost no English and went to basic with a number of Puerto Ricans who spoke little English. This was a basic training for people intending on becoming officers and they were unable to communicate effectively in English. I almost got into a fist fight with one because he and his pals had decided to go clubbing instead of helping prepare the barracks for inspection. They were horrible at everything and constantly got the platoon in trouble. They were also as much of a hazard at the rifle range as the inner city Rambos who simply didn't understand that instruction to remove the magazine, lock the bolt to the rear and place your weapon on the stake next to your firing position wasn't a polite suggestion. One wannabe commando almost killed a drill instructor.
Did you NOT read the article? It clearly shows that the House HAS been passing legislation and the Dems in control of the Senate won't even allow it to be brought to the floor for debate or a vote. If the legislation coming out of the House were so bad, it shouldn't be able to stand up to debate or have a prayer of passing in a vote. Harry Reid is more concerned with protecting his Dem majority than he is in actually what he was elected to do, namely legislate. Harry Reid KNOWS that he can't defend the Dem position on the legislation coming out of the House, so he is simply refusing to allow it to come up for discussion. He's the one obstructing the flow of legislation, NOT the Republicans in the House.
And exactly how did the people who own the factories avoid paying those exact same taxes and probably a whole lot more? Your argument is stupid. You don't own the roads, they are PUBLIC roads paid for by EVERYONE. EVERYONE is allowed to use them. Odds are REALLY good that you paid a LOT less towards constructing those roads than the guys who built the factories, same goes for the schools. So if anything the guys who have become wealthy and paid much higher taxes as a result, should be busting your chops for driving on the roads that THEY paid for, or sending your kids to the schools that THEY paid for. Last time I checked, guys working hourly wage jobs weren't the ones setting up endowments for colleges, or hospitals, it was the guys who owned the factories that those hourly workers got paid by. BTW when a small business has cash flow problems, the boss is normally the first guy to miss a paycheck. I worked for one small accounting firm when the owner first broke with his old partners and he was paying salaries for months from a home equity line of credit on his house. Of Course Elizabeth Warren wouldn't know sh!t about how business actually works, she's never actually worked in one. She's lived in her sheltered little world of academia without fear of losing her job, or having to actually produce anything for her adult life. It's time to pass a Constitutional amendment preventing life long academics from serving in government. They simply are too out of touch with the real world.
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