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Anti-Tax “Carrot Rebellion”

LtScrounge Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:10 PM
There is no "need" for widespread welfare programs for the bulk of the country. When it is more beneficial to have children and go on welfare than get a job, the system is doomed to failure. We could never have a system like Sweden's simply because we have 3 generations of people who have been raised to be non productive welfare slugs and criminal thugs. Collecting welfare checks and committing crimes are actually idolized and romanticized in most inner city communities. THAT'S a problem. We can't fix that with bigger government, we can fix that by gutting welfare programs and requiring work to receive ANY benefits. That's a fiscal two fer. Less money going out and more work being done.

If there was a prize for fighting back against tax authorities, the Italians would probably deserve first place. I’m not aware of any other country where tax offices get firebombed. The Italians also believe in passive forms of resistance, with tens of thousands of boat owners sailing away to protect themselves from the government.

But the Spanish are beginning to get into the swing of things, perhaps because they are increasingly upset by the plethora of tax hikes imposed by the supposedly right-of-center government in Madrid.

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