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Ok, Esse, then what is the solution for attracting more qualified minority men and women of all races to law enforcment? Inquiriing minds want to know?
Esse, we also have many Hispanics who are gangbangers, but that does not mean all Hispanics are. Broadbrushing any group and putting a lable on them is not only incorrect, it compounds the existing problems in our soicety.
"God" is not interested in becoming a Police Officer.
While Ann Coulter will no doubt be accused of being a racist by the race baiters, she is 100% correct on Affirmative Action. A disaster from the start, Affirmative Action required law enforcement agencies to hire specific numbers of minorities strictly on race and not qualifications. Anytime you reduce hiring standards for any reason, the Police Department is looking for trouble. Rather than reducing hiring standards, we should be looking at increasing them to include college educated men and women looking for a profession and not just a job. I worked for a Police Department who did just that in southern California and we recruited only the "best of the best" applicants. Funny thing happened along the way, while not aiming for gender or race quotas, they pretty much took care of themselves. Until law enforcement can compete with other professions attracting qualified Black, Hispanic and Asian men and women, we will be stuck with those who are not the "best of the best."
Whatever she is being paid, it is too much.
The Democrats still have not learned that "Those who live in glass houses, should never throw rocks."
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