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Mayor Bloomberg Exploits Trayvon Martin Tragedy to Push Gun Control

Ltlgeneral64 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 10:34 PM
I personally think that the high carbon levels in the ozone is what cause Zimmerman to shoot Martin...but that's just me...never let a crisis go to waste...
The shooting death of an unarmed seventeen-year-old is a tragedy. Conservatives, however, have been suspicious of the media firestorm surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin for a few different reasons.

Events involving Al Sharpton, the New York Times and NBC have been pushing a narrative that this singular event - regardless of the facts of the case - "proves" that America is a deeply racist nation. The other big reason is that conservatives are wary that the Left won't let a crisis go to waste and pursue more gun control laws.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is