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That is exactly the way they think because every single person and organization that seeks to censor religious expression acts like if you mention God in a graduation speech, if you have a manger scene or a Ten Commandments plaque in a public(government owned) park or on a public (government) building, you are FORCING THEM to join a Christian religion or to pray along with you. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, yet I have been in places with members of MANY other faiths saying a prayer that is basically a part of HIS religion and I have yet to be forced to leave my church to join his just because I listened to his prayer. GROW UP LIBERALS. STOP BEING AFRAID OF WORDS.
I doubt it. He probably cancelled his subscription so he wouldn't know what's going on and his claim of not knowing would sound credible.
By Golly, I think you nailed it, Joycey.
But some women (read "Feminists") think Mr. Rape os preferable to Mr. Glock because if they keep company with Mr. Clock they can't get sympathy for being Ms. Victim.
No, Democrats HATE the military. It's a proven fact.
They wouldn't, so it's a moot question.
They really do need a like (or don't like) button for some of the posts here.
The problem is, and it will always remain so, that too many people in this country just simply refuse to even try to be aware of what goes on in Washington, DC, then they go to vote with absolutely NO knowledge of our political reality. Many will say they "just don't have time" to become informed yet they do things every day that DO inform them, if they would only pay attention for a few minutes out of their 24 hour day.
And don't forget the non voters who stayed home or voted third party in 2012 because the Republicans didn't field a "perfect" candidate.
I tell my Jarhead friends things like that all the time, Hoofhack. I can't repeat what they call me. But at the end of the day we go out for beers together.
Sorry BobHartley, but the SEALS are the MEN'S Department. The Marine's are the Adolescent Department. ;^)
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