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Huckabee and McCain teamed up in several states in 2008 to deny Romney the nomination in those states. This was vouched for by a member of McCain's staff who was later a teacher at the college a friend of mine attended in Utah.
The ONLY reason that Huckabee is considering getting into the race is to be a spoiler against a Conservative candidate.
Over on Facebook, according to my cousin, the idiots who've bought the left's lie, and the trolls are attacking Carson for just about everything under the sun. I'll have to go check it out.
My biggest fear here is the RINO Establishment of the Republican party whom, if Dr. Carson starts to make a serious run at the job would go all out to destroy him because regardless of whether he switched parties, he's still too conservative for them. Keep in mind all of the dirty tricks of Cochran, Bonehead and MConnell, among others, in order to win their primaries, and now were stuck with them for 2 to 6 years respectively.
What more do I need? How about a bigger selection of candidates to choose from? We don't know who all intends to throw their hats in the ring yet other than possibly Fatazs Christie and Jeb Bush whom, of the two I would vote for neither. I am highly impressed with Dr. Carson's credentials and his line of thinking, but I'm not going to just commit blindly to the first person who comes along sounding good.
I MIGHT be able to support him, but I'd have to do some more background research first.
Seeing as how her videos are on Doug Giles' website I'm inclined to believe you McGovern. But I just can't believe how many STUPID people fall for her ruse and sign her petitions. Especially the one to send "Care Packages" to Al Qaeda. I'm afraid that if she approached me with something like that I might deck her before I had a chance to realize it's a joke.
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The Dense-o-Crats Learned Nothing

LCDR BUD/S USN Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 12:50 PM
The sad thing is that the republican establishment is still committed to going along to get along with Obama. They used Democrat style tactics to retain their seats against stronger conservative so we're still stuck with them and if they do as they historically have they'll tick off enough of their base that the Democrats will get power back in 2016.
That depends on who is running the city. The largest problem has always been the Detroit City Council, which has always been all Democrats with their hands out to DC and/or in the taxpayers pockets, looking for money for perks for themselves.
That sounds like what we saw at my home.
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